How do I file a complaint with Ford Motor Company?

Ford complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on +1-800-392-3673.
  2. Visit Customer Care Contact Information.
  3. Call Headquarters on 313-322-3000.
  4. Tweet Ford.
  5. Follow Ford.
  6. Watch Ford.

How do I contact Ford about a problem?

Alternatively, you can refer to your Customer Assistance, Warranty and Service Guide or Call Ford Customer Relationship Centre at [email protected] Should you have any questions regarding component and repair coverage under warranty, we suggest speaking with the Service Department of your Ford Dealer.

How do I complain to Ford South Africa?

Ford Contact Number South Africa

  1. Customer Care Number:0860 011 022. Email: [email protected]
  2. Dealers In South Africa.
  3. Fury Ford Sandton. 24 Witkoppen Road,
  4. Oaks Auto. 13 Hope Street, Kokstad, KZN,
  5. Midland Auto. 21 Market Square, Graaff-Reinet,
  6. Action Ford Krugersdorp.
  7. CMH Kempster Ford Hatfield.
  8. Weskus Motors.

How do I contact Ford regional manager?

If the manager hasn’t answered your question and you are in the United States, dial 800-392-3673. If you are hearing impaired, dial 800-232-5952. If you are in Canada, dial 800-565-3673.

How do I contact the CEO of Ford Motor Company?

Scott Griffith | Ford Motor Company | Email CEO CFO.

How do I send an email to Ford Motor Company?

If you are an investor or shareholder, please contact us directly via any of the following methods.

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. U.S./Canada Phone: 1.313.845.8540.
  3. International Phone: 1.800.555.5259.

How do I get my money back from Ford?

Ford will have 10 days to try to resolve your claim before you can submit it to the Arbitration Administrator at Click here or call 1-888-260-4563 to provide notice to Ford of your intent to pursue through arbitration a claim for a breach of warranty.

Where do I complain about Ford?

If you wish to complain to Ford, call the complaints line on 13 3673. There are full contact details and information about the complaint procedures on the Ford website.

Who is the CEO of Ford South Africa?

Neale Hill
CAPE TOWN – Ford Motor Company has appointed Neale Hill as Ford’s managing director of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, effective 1 July 2018. Hill will take over from Dr. Casper Kruger, a seasoned automotive professional with over 20 years’ experience in the market, who will be taking on a new personal journey.

Who is the CEO for Ford Motor Company?

Jim Farley (Oct 1, 2020–)
Ford Motor Company/CEO

James “Jim” D. Farley, Jr., is president and chief executive officer, Ford Motor Company, effective October 1, 2020. He also serves as a member of the company’s board of directors.

Can I sue Ford Motor Company?

If you have been wronged by the Ford Motor Company or have purchased a defective vehicle from Ford, you may file a complaint in small claims court.

How to file a complaint with Ford Motor Company?

How to File a Complaint With Ford Motor Company Contact the salesperson or service adviser you normally deal with at your Ford dealership and express your concerns. Contact the sales manager or service manager at the dealership if you are still not satisfied.

How do you file a complaint with the Ford Motor Company?

Go to the company’s website,, and select “Contact Ford” at the bottom of the first page. This will provide you with a list of contact options including phone, mail and email . Finally, if your concerns have still not been satisfied, send a letter directly to an officer or a member of the board of directors.

How do you contact Ford Motor Company?

Go to the Ford Motor Company website,, and select “Contact Ford” at the bottom of the homepage. Submit your concern using their contact form and wait for an email response.

How do you complain about a car dealership?

If you have a complaint about your car, file it directly with the dealer, lender, or manufacturer. If you don’t get results, you can contact a state or federal government agency. If your complaint is about: Deceptive car ads or dealers — File a complaint with your state consumer protection agency and the Federal Trade Commission.