How do I log in to post university student portal?

Accessing the Student Portal. Login credentials are sent via email as part of the admissions process. Each student will receive a username (student e-mail address), password, a link to access the portal including directions to log in. The username and password will also get them into all the appropriate Post University sites they need.

Where do I enter my post University password?

The username and password will also get them into all the appropriate Post University sites they need. (Office365, Blackboard,, etc.) The login credentials are their Post University login and password. The same one currently used to access Blackboard or any other Post site.

Are there any extra services at Post University?

You’ll also have access to all of our academic resources — including advising, tutoring, and our Writing Center and library — at no extra cost. From enrollment and orientation to graduation and finding your career our dedicated academic advising staff are here to help every step of your educational journey.

How to contact rpm Staffing Professionals, Inc.?

Many new jobs are available daily and with our impressive technology, we are able to give you access to those job descriptions quickly which makes job placement faster…find out today how we can help you succeed by contacting one of our local offices for an appointment or by applying on-line! Searching for employees?

What is the purpose of RPM training co?

Adventure fuels life. Work builds capacity. Capacity drives adventure. Adventure fuels life. This purpose-first formula is why our brand will always reflect the action, adventure, and creativity emboldened by the time we spend training, and not just the training itself. It permeates everything we do at RPM, and everything we make.

How can I Reset my Post University password?

Please set up an alternative email address and phone number in Office 365 to allow for self-service password resets. (Personal email and cell phone are best). A student can also contact our IT Department’s 24/7 Tier One support at 1.888.458.POST. Students can also reach out to their assigned support team for a quick password reset resolution.