How do I open Crystal Report Viewer?

Go to in a web browser. This is the download site for SAP Crystal Reports Viewer, a free applications for Windows and macOS that can open .

How do I login to Crystal Reports?

Follow these steps to log into the database:

  1. Select the SQL Server from the Server drop-down or enter it manually if you don’t see your server.
  2. Enter the user sa.
  3. Enter the SQL Server password for user sa.
  4. Choose your company database from the database drop-down list, so you can access your data.

How do I disable login prompt in Crystal?

Crystal Report: Disable login prompt

  1. Pass the correct [user id] and [user password] to the database connection.
  2. Do not use integrated security.

How do I fix Crystal Report Viewer?

To repair SAP Crystal Reports

  1. Click Start Settings Control Panel . The Control Panel window opens.
  2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. The Add or Remove Programs dialog box opens.
  3. Select Crystal Reports 2016 and click Change/Remove.
  4. Click Repair and then click Next.
  5. When the process is complete, click Finish.

How does Crystal Report work?

When you connect to an SQL database, Crystal Reports acts as an SQL client application, connecting to your SQL server through your network. When you design a report that accesses SQL data, Crystal Reports builds an SQL query. This query can be seen by choosing Show SQL Query from the Database menu.

Where to download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012?

This is an informative article to help people know the download location for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012. Note: Crystal Report does not work with Visual Studio Express editions. 1. You will need to visit the following Link. 2. Then you will need to click on the Download software now Button. 3.

Why does Crystal report viewer ask for login?

The previous reports, that do not have subreports, are installed on a newer 2012 Server as thats where the database is. Not sure if the machine has anything to do with the additional login prompt in crystal report viewer. Any help will be great.

How to use report viewer in Visual Studio 2012?

In this article I explain how to use the Report Viewer in Visual Studio 2012. In this article we will see use of a dataset and the Report Viewer. Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2012 or 2010 then create a new Forms Application (project name: “HowToOpenReportViewer”). Step 3: We need to create a dataset.

Can you run Crystal Reports in ISS Express?

You can not run crystal reports under ISS Express which is the default development tool used by Visual studio.