How do I use the Vivitar DVR?

To start recording, press the Shutter/OK button. Press the Shutter/OK button again to stop recording. The video is automatically saved to your camcorder’s memory card. Use this mode to capture videos in motion with your camcorder.

How do I connect my Vivitar camera to my computer?

Click the “Launch Vivitar Experience Image Manager” to open the application….Connecting the Camcorder to the Computer

  1. Use the supplied USB cable to connect your digital camcorder to your computer.
  2. Power the camcorder ON.
  3. The first time you connect the device to the computer you may have to wait a few.

How do I watch videos on my Vivitar camera?

PLAY/PAUSE: To play the selected video, press the SHUTTER/OK button. While the video is playing the elapsed time is displayed on the top right. The video controls are displayed on the bottom: PLAY/: To play the selected video, press the SHUTTER/OK button.

How do you put a SD card in a Vivitar camera?

To properly insert the Micro SD Memory Card:

  1. Power off the camcorder.
  2. Insert the Micro SD Card into the Micro SD Card slot in the direction as shown on the.
  3. Gently press the Micro SD Card until you hear a slight clicking sound.
  4. If the memory card has successfully been inserted an icon appears on the LCD.

Can a Vivitar be used as a webcam?

The Vivitar brand carries a line of low-to-high-quality digital cameras aimed for both the amateur and professional photographer. Some Vivitar camera models, such as the Clipshot 11698 and the Vivicam V15, are built as “fun to-go” cameras that can take pictures and movie clips and even doubles as a webcam.

How do I connect my Vivitar camera to my Iphone?

Open the Vivitar Smart Home Security app. Along the bottom, select Devices. Select Add New Device….2 Add Vivitar Camera to App

  1. Tap IP Cameras.
  2. You’ll be presented with a list of cameras.
  3. Register or Sign in to complete the setup.
  4. Your device is now added.