How long can you stay in a Thousand Trails Campground?

14 consecutive days
Q: How long can I stay at a resort? A: While there is no limit to the total number of nights that you may use your Thousand Trails Camping Pass each year, we do set a maximum of 14 consecutive days for any particular stay at one of our resorts.

Can anyone stay at a Thousand Trails Campground?

No, you do not have to be a member to camp at most Thousand Trails resorts. You can book your campsite through their RV on the Go website. However, we wouldn’t recommend camping at one without a membership! A Thousand Trails membership saves you so much money.

Who owns Thousand Trails campgrounds?

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc.
About Encore and Thousand Trails Encore RV resorts and Thousand Trails campgrounds are part of a network of RV resorts and campgrounds across North America comprising more than 80,000 sites. Owned and operated by Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc.

What is the cost of a Thousand Trails membership?

If you purchase the membership as a resale (which is what I recommend), the average cost is about $3700, with an annual fee of around $600. This level will include all 81 campgrounds across the country. You can also stay up to 21 nights at one campsite before moving to the next Thousand Trails campground.

Does Thousand Trails have full hookups?

Bring your motorhome or travel trailer and enjoy beautiful, spacious campsites that are outfitted with electric and water hookups, a picnic table and barbecue grill. Many campgrounds also offer full hookups with sewer and cable service, 50 amp electrical service, graveled sites and pull thru access*.

What does a Thousand Trails membership include?

A: Your Thousand Trails Camping Pass entitles you to day use and overnight camping in your recreational vehicle or tent, subject to length of stay restrictions, at all campgrounds in the zone(s) you select. During your stay you enjoy all the same amenities provided to those campers who book at the daily rate.

How much is a Thousand Trails elite pass?

Thousand Trails Upgrades

Elite Basic Elite Connections
Price around $7000 around $9000
Payment Options 1 Time Fee or Monthly Payments 1 Time Fee or Monthly Payments
Discounts $500 (+$600 thru 08/10) $500 (+$1100 thru 08/10)
Campgrounds Included All 81 Campgrounds All 81 Campgrounds

Who owns Thousand Trails?

Since that time, ownership has changed repeatedly: the private equity firm of Kohlberg & Co. purchased Thousand Trails for $113 million in 2003, Privileged Access Gp.

What is the price of a thousand trail membership?

Because the Thousand Trails base cost starts at $575 per year and goes up from there, sometimes as much as $6,000 and change. Thousand Trails offers many varieties of annual club memberships that enable the user to enjoy different levels of privileges.

What is thousand trails camping?

Thousand Trails is a membership campground company operating private campground resorts (referred to as “preserves” in company parlance) in the United States and Canada.

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