How many times has Rajon Rondo led the league in assists?

Career-assists: 7,350 | Assists Per Game: 8.1 Rondo has led the NBA in assists thrice in his career so far. In his best playmaking season, Rondo averaged 11.7 assists per contest. He has hit this mark twice in his 15-year long career.

Where is Rondo on all time assists?

NBA History – Assists Leaders

Assists Leaders
13 Rod Strickland 7,987
14 RAJON RONDO 7,414

Who has the most assist of all time?

John Stockton is the all-time assists leader of the National Basketball Association with a total of 15,806 assists in his career….NBA all-time assists leaders as of July 2021.

NBA player Number of assists
John Stockton 15,806
Jason Kidd 12,091
Steve Nash 10,335
Mark Jackson 10,334

Who has the most assists in a game?

Scott Skiles
Scott Skiles has the most assists in a game, with 30 assists versus the Nuggets on December 30, 1990.

How much does Rajon Rondo make?

2.565 million USD (2020)
Rajon Rondo/Salary
The one-year deal is reportedly worth $2.6 million. Rondo, 35, agreed to a buyout with the Grizzlies on Saturday and it was reported by both ESPN and The Athletic that Los Angeles would be front-runners to sign the two-time NBA champion. With the buyout and the new deal, Rondo will still make his $7.5 million salary.

Has a center ever led the NBA in assists?

Wilt Chamberlain has averaged the most assists per game by a center in a season, with 8.6 per game in 1967-68.

Where does Kobe Bryant rank in assists?

Assist leaders

Rank Player Total assists
29 Reggie Theus 6,453
30 Norm Nixon 6,386
31 Kobe Bryant* 6,306
32 Jerry West* 6,238

Where does Jordan rank in assists?


Rank Player AST
44. Larry Bird* 5695
45. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 5660
46. Chauncey Billups 5636
47. Michael Jordan* 5633

Who holds the most assists in an NBA game?

01 Assists in a game: 30 (Scott Skiles) Although Scott Skiles’ legacy as a coach in Chicago isn’t great, he’s in the NBA record books for most assists in a single game (30). Skiles completed the feat on Dec. 30, 1990 in a 155-116 victory against the Denver Nuggets at the Orlando Arena.

How many assists did Rajon Rondo have in the playoffs?

Most of Rajon Rondo’s playoff assists came as a member of the Celtics. He averaged 9.2 assists in 92 playoff games with Boston, including 11.9 dimes per game during the 2011-12 season. The former All-Star also averaged 12.2 assists for the New Orleans Pelicans during the 2017-18 season.

Who is 11th on all time playoff assists list?

Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo moved into 11th all-time on the playoff assists list on Thursday against the Houston Rockets. Rondo had already passed up Detroit Pistons Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, and now moves past Boston Celtics great Dennis Johnson. Next up on the list is Michael Jordan, who has 1,022 career playoff assists.

Who is the backup point guard for Rajon Rondo?

Following the All-Star weekend, Rondo recorded a career-high 16 assists in a home victory against the Charlotte Bobcats. Despite his solid rookie year, there was much speculation about Boston needing a veteran point guard. In March, they signed veteran point guard Sam Cassell as a free agent to serve as a backup.

How many triple doubles does Rajon Rondo have?

Rondo has long been known as an elite facilitator in the NBA, ranking fourth in Celtics history in assists and third in steals. He is also considered a stat-sheet stuffer, ranking 11th in NBA history for triple-doubles with 32 in the regular season, to go with 10 in the playoffs.