Is Chandratal lake open?

Chandratal lake remains closed in winters due to heavy snowfall. It remains open only from June till October. The temperature in winters dip below minus 30 degrees Celsius here.

How far is Chandratal lake from Manali?

140 kms
The distance of Chandratal lake from Manali is 140 kms. Starting from Manali early in the morning, the journey will include crossing the Rohtang pass, and passing by Gramphu, Chhatru and Batal.

Can you swim in Chandratal lake?

Swimming in the lake is banned. Visitors are littering the area by throwing plastic garbage. They should be responsible and respect the religious sentiments of locals. The holy lake has religious importance for many people,” he added.

Is Chandratal lake open in December?

Chandratal Lake remains closed in December and you cannot reach here by road. The road from Kaza remains open until Losar though. If you want to do a winter trek to the lake, December is probably the best time to do so.

Is Spiti valley safe?

Yes Spiti is as safe for foreigners as it is for Indian citizens. However, as a foreign national, you must obtain a permit to travel through the valley. Without the permit, you will be sent back from any of the check posts en route. This permit can be procured from Shimla, Manali or Reckong Peo.

How do I get from Keylong to Chandratal lake?

Start early from Keylong towards Rohtang Pass and then from Gramphu, take the road towards Spiti to reach Chandratal. If traveling by bus, catch the early morning Manali bound Bus from Keylong. It will drop you at Gramphu between 8-9 AM.

Which is better Manali or Kasol?

Manali is a more kind of a family destination. If you want to avoid the crowd or if you are solo travelling then Kasol is a Better option . Otherwise go for Manali ,it is also a nice option. Hi Sidhant Both are beautiful hill stations, at this moment you’ll find less crowd in kasol, so you can visit there.

How do I get from Chandratal Lake to Kaza?

Kaza to Chandratal Route From Kaza, you will first drive towards Losar and then climb up to Kunzum Pass top. You will then drive down towards Batal and about 2 kilometers before Batal, there is a narrow road going towards your right which you will take to reach Chandratal after 14 kilometers.

What is the height of Chandratal Lake?

14100 feet
Chandratal or Chandra Tal or Chandra Taal or Chander Taal or simply Moon Lake is a barren but beautiful lake located at a height of 14100 feet in Himachal Pradesh in northern India. It comes under Spiti and Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a distance of six km from Kumzum Pass.

Is camping allowed at Chandratal lake?

Camping on the banks of Chandratal is now forbidden by law in order to not disturb its ecological system. There now cannot be a campsite anywhere in a radius of 3 kilometers of the lake and even self camping is not allowed.

Is Spiti Valley worth visiting?

Spiti means the middle land & it lies between Tibet & tourists favorite Himachal Pradesh, south-east of Ladakh. Any person who loves driving in the Himalayas should definitely take a trip to Lahaul & Spiti valley. The terrain is harsh, desolate & inhospitable but your final destination makes it all worth it.

Which is better Leh or Spiti?

But the big advantage that Leh/Ladakh has over Spiti is that it is a well developed tourist place. Spiti is quite remote and tourist infrastructure is not developed yet and that’s probably why its still remains virgin. The nearest airport is Kullu which is very far from Lahaul/Spiti and airfares expensive.