Is Galactic Circus Open?

Galactic Circus Hours Open 7 days a week (including all public holidays).

What time does Galactic Circus close?


Address: Crown Complex 8 Whiteman Street Southbank Melbourne 3006
Transport: Nearby stations: Southern Cross; Flinders St
Contact: 13 2695
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-2am; Sat-Sun 9am-2am

Does crown have an arcade?

The Jewel in the Crown With a fully licensed bar, a curated food menu and the widest activities range in Australia including bowling, laser tag, arcade games and pool tables, Kingpin is the perfect spot for your next outing. At Crown, the health and safety of our employees and patrons is our priority.

What is Galactic Circus called now?

Crown Entertainment Complex (King Pin/Galactic Circus/M9 Laser Skirmish), Whiteman St, SOUTHBANK, Victoria 3006.

Can kids go to kingpin crown?

-How old do you have to be to have a party? We recommend that Kingpin parties are for kids aged 5 and above to deliver the best experience for the children.

Are kids allowed in Kingpin?

There are no age restrictions, however for safety reasons the following height and weight restrictions apply: Minimum height of 110cm. Children between 110 and 122cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Which Crown Hotel is best with kids?

The Crown Metropol is a family-friendly hotel. It has standard rooms which can accommodate 4 in two queen beds, the best pool in town and plenty of attractions surrounding it, like the Aquarium and Polly Woodside.

How do you get to Galactic Circus?

The nearest stations to Galactic Circus are:

  1. 125-Clarendon St/Whiteman St (Southbank) is 191 meters away, 3 min walk.
  2. City Rd/Queens Bridge St (Southbank) is 271 meters away, 4 min walk.
  3. Casino East/Queens Bridge St (Southbank) is 416 meters away, 6 min walk.

What age can kids Ten Pin Bowl?

Some families have had their children play ten pin bowling for kids as early as 2 years old (but with the necessary adjustments), although joining bowling clubs and competing would require experience, regardless of age.

Can I use my timezone card at Kingpin?

Q: Once I change to a TIMEZONE Powercard, can I go use this in any ZONE BOWLING or Kingpin venue? A: Yes! Powercards work in all Zone Bowling and Kingpin venues!

How long does it take to play 2 games of bowling?

It takes the average person about ten minutes to bowl one complete game. For each additional person playing, it takes another ten minutes. So a game of bowling for two should last about twenty minutes.

How many floors is Crown Casino barangaroo?

Crown Sydney/Floors

At a whopping 75 floors including mezzanine levels and a height of 271.3 metres (over a quarter of a kilometre), Crown Sydney in Barangaroo is truly Sydney’s new crowning glory. The skyscraper recently surpassed Chifley Tower as the tallest building in Sydney… But what’s on the inside?

Where to go on Galactic Circus in Melbourne?

The trip goes to a variety of coastal towns, and scenic landmarks, such as the 12 Apostles, Great Otway National Park, London Bridge, Port Campbell National Park, Lorne Beach, and more. They have taken all the old fun games out and seem to only cater to an Asian audience in a stark unfriendly venue.

Where is the PLAYTIME Crown in Melbourne Australia?

Playtime Crown (previously known as Galactic Circus) is an interactive theme park and is the largest indoor entertainment complex in the whole country. The Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne operates and manages Playtime Crown which is located in the heart of the city. Visitors of all ages are welcome to explore this fun-filled arena.

What are the games at the Galactic Circus?

The games range from latest driving game releases & shoot-em-up games to Cyber Coaster Simulator etc. Promising fun time for the family and friends, this circus is a must visit for those who are travelling to Melbourne. Some of the games here are: Kid’s attractions include fairy floss, showbags, arcade games, ticket games and prize games.

Is the crown bowling complex in Victoria closed?

Due to the recent developments of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, we will be temporarily closing our Kingpin Crown venue to keep our guests and our team safe. We plan to reopen on Friday, 4 June, but we encourage you to check back here and on our Facebook page for updates. Stay safe Victoria, we will see you again soon!