Is Jobos beach Safe?

Although Jobos is known primarily as a surfing beach, there is a small protected cove area good for snorkeling, safest during summer months since the water gets too rough and deeper during the winter months.

Is Isabela Puerto Rico safe?

Crime rates in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Level of crime 45.00 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs 61.36 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 63.64 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 61.36 High
Problem corruption and bribery 56.82 Moderate

Which side is better Puerto Rico?

The North side of the island (Atlantic Ocean) should always be a better option for first time travelers. The reason is access through highways to the mayor attractions of the island (Old San Juan, San Juan, Condado, beaches, rainforest, Arecibo obserbatory, Fajardo Bay, etc.).

Can you swim in the ocean in Puerto Rico?

Its wide ocean front and expanse of sand makes for good swimming, while trade winds along this part of the coast create a popular spot for kite and wind surfing. Many beaches in Puerto Rico are relatively secluded and quiet, but Ocean Park is lively, attracting a mix of both straight and gay beach-goers.

What is Isabela Puerto Rico known for?

Garden of the Northwest
The town of Isabela, on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast, is known as the “Garden of the Northwest” because of its natural beauty with swimming and fishing beaches, forests with flora and fauna unique to the area, and places to snorkel and see colorful fish.

What is the calmest beach in Puerto Rico?

Located on Puerto Rico’s southwestern tip, Cabo Rojo, Playa Sucia is the most beautiful beach in this area. It takes about 10 minutes walking from the parking lot to reach to this gorgeous strip of sand and clear turquoise water that is calm and perfect for swimming.

Where to find Jobos Beach in Puerto Rico?

Jobos gas it all. Jobos beach in Isabela is an iconic place in the west area of Puerto Rico. You can enjoy the beach, watching the surfers near las peƱas, doing their thing. This area is also where you can find the weekend “happenings” in one of the pubs…

Where is the main wave break at Jobos?

Jobos is one of PR’s best-known breaks and is the de facto Surf Pueblo for the North Coast. The main wave breaks right next to a small rock headland at the east end of the beach and pinwheels into a broad, sandy bay.

Is the beach at Jobos safe for surfers?

At the farthest east point, Jobos is marked by a natural rock wall, creating a protected cove with shallow areas safe for playing in the water and a little snorkeling. The open waters attract surfers for their reliable surf year-round. Jobos is not a bustling touristy beach. There are no resorts, high-rise buildings, or fancy restaurants.

What to do at Jobos Beach in Isabela?

This beach on the northwest coast offers an interesting combination of mild waters, perfect for families with children, and rough water perfect for surfers, plus opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and canoeing. Thank you.