Is Kisame an Akatsuki?

Kisame is one of the few members of Akatsuki that got along well with his partner. He was very loyal to Itachi, willing to take any commands he was given without question, and constantly looked out for his well-being. Although Kisame does have his pride, he acknowledged Itachi as the stronger of the duo.

What is Kisame backstory?

Background. Originally, Kisame was a ninja from the Village Hidden in Mist. He first started off as a subordinate under Fuguki Suikazan of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He was then later approached by a ninja who claimed himself to be Madara Uchiha and was the power behind the Fourth Mizukage Yagura.

Who was Kisame in love with?

Itachi Uchiha
What Were Kisame’s Powers?

editKisame Hoshigaki
Partner Itachi Uchiha
Clan Hoshigaki Clan (Anime only)
Academy Grad. Age 10

What race was Kisame?

Kisame is a Human. He, just like most people in the mist possess fish like features or more so the shark like teeth. Examples are:many past members of the ninja swordsman, Chojiro, Suigetsu etc. But mostly the Hoshigaki clan possess those shark like features.

How tall is Kisame from the anime Akatsuki?

Trivia 1 It is shown in the anime’s omake specials that Kisame is insecure of his blue skin. 2 At 195 centimeters, Kisame is the tallest member of Akatsuki. 3 “Kisame” means demon shark, while “Hoshigaki” may mean dried persimmon. 4 Kishimoto first intended to make Akatsuki’s members monsters with almost no human traits.

What kind of Shinobi is Kisame from Akatsuki?

Kisame later joined Akatsuki, and was partnered with Itachi Uchiha. Pain stated that his reason for joining Akatsuki was “spite”. Kisame is a very tall and strong shinobi, with a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale blue skin, small white eyes, gill-like facial structures, and sharp triangular teeth.

Who is Kisame in the seven Ninja swordsmen of the mist?

Kisame was an extremely powerful shinobi who earned admittance into the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and later Akatsuki. He easily killed his former master, a member of the Seven Swordsmen’s strongest generation while the man wielded Samehada against Kisame.

Where does Kisame get his Akatsuki ring from?

Underneath his Akatsuki cloak, Kisame wears an outfit similar to the one that his colleague, Zabuza Momochi, wore during his first appearance. On his left ring finger is his Akatsuki ring, which bears the kanji for South (南, nan).