Is Versetta stone easy to install?

Versetta Stone Installation is easy and efficient, reduces installer fatigue, and can be installed by almost any siding contractor or carpenter. You can download the complete installation guide here. Follow these simple tips for a successful installation.

Can Versetta stone be installed over concrete?

5.1 Versetta Stone® is used as an exterior wall covering in accordance with the applicable sections of IBC Chapter 14 and IRC Section R703 and is installed over concrete and masonry walls capable of supporting the imposed loads in accordance with IBC Section 1609 and IRC Section R301.

How much does Versetta stone cost?

Versetta Stone installs for roughly $17/per square foot ($14 for material and $3 for labor).

How is stone installed?

To lay the stone, use a masonry trowel to butter the back of the stone with 1/2″ to 1″ layer of mortar. Using your trowel, create a ridge around the outside back of the stone. This will create suction when putting the stone in place, which will help to hold the stone until the mortar sets up.

How do you calculate Versetta stone?

Corner Height Calculation: Measure the linear height (in feet) of all inside and outside corners, and end wall terminations. Then convert to inches. See Versetta Stone® Installation Instructions for further details. Wall 1: 12′ x 4′ = 48 Sq.

Is Versetta stone waterproof?

Benefits of Boral Versetta Stone and Putting Stone on a House. Lightweight, waterproof panels. Install this stone facing on a house during any season. Versetta stone has no seasonal restrictions for installation because of its superior weatherproofing.

How much does it cost to install Versetta stone?

Can you use stone veneer adhesive?

Because the best stone veneer is only as good as its adhesive. A strong, durable adhesive like SRW’s Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive will do the trick—it’s the best adhesive for stone veneer on the market, with the technology to lock your natural or faux stone veneer in place vertically in less than than five seconds.