There have been seismic changes to the laws and rules regarding online sportsbook betting in the United States over the last few years. Gone are the days of American residents and visitors to the country having to journey to Las Vegas to gamble on their favourite sports, competitions and teams. Other than a few tribe-owned casinos and legal on-track horse racing betting offices, wagering on professional sport was a hobby that was placed beyond the reach of millions. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

A historic and unexpected change of mood amongst officials in Washington DC meant the ancient rules that put in place a blanket ban on betting were scrapped. This placed the decision into the hands of governors in each state. The decision was moved from a national one to a regional one. New Jersey was the first state to react, lifting the ban on betting that was despised by many. In doing so, they permitted sportsbook gambling at land-based betting offices and casinos as well as online using websites and smartphones.

One positive to all this – certainly from the politician’s viewpoint – was that they could throw their doors open to the biggest names in betting, allowing them to target customers while taxing them heavily for the pleasure. This provided added income at a crucial time. Where does that leave the state of California? Can you bet on the NFL in Los Angeles? We answer all the important questions in this article. The aim here is to bring you the latest information on sports betting in the region and ensure our readers have access to the latest info regarding online sports betting in California.

Is online betting legal in California?

At present, betting on professional or college sports is illegal in the state of California and you shouldn’t attempt to bet. Attempting to gamble by any means would be breaking the laws of the land and could see you end up in serious trouble with jail time or a heavy fine the current penalties for breaching these rules. There are states in the US where betting is legal but, as we go to publish, California and, indeed, Los Angeles doesn’t permit betting.

Is there any way around this?

Some of the laws regarding betting in California are old and out of date when used alongside online gambling. Many of the betting laws were made years before online or smartphone betting existed or was ever thought possible. But this shouldn’t encourage you to seek out a loophole or try to bend the rules to suit you. No attempt to gamble on sports online should ever be made until things change.

Will these rules change anytime soon?

Governors in California are currently debating their stance on online betting and experts following the case believe they are on the verge of following New Jersey and other states that have legalised sports gambling. There are those who believe betting in California will be legalised within the next year or so and although it may not come soon enough to allow sports fans to wager on the start of the NFL season in September, there’s a good chance there could be bets placed on the Super Bowl in February, or even in the playoffs if things go as smoothly as supporters hope.

Where can I bet on sports?

There are many states in America that permit both residents and visitors to gamble on sports. If  you were determined to place a bet on a sporting event and believe it’s worth the trip, you could visit the nearest state that allows betting. You don’t have to be based there or even stay in that state for long. Switch on your smartphone’s geolocation settings, create a betting account and place a bet. You are then free to leave.

How can I bet on sports?

If you are present in a state that permits betting you have options on how you wager. You can bet at a land-based sportsbook or casino. You can create an online betting account and gamble using your desktop computer or you can gamble on the go using your Android or iOS smartphone device.