What are Lenox lamps worth?

The average selling price for a lenox lamp at 1stDibs is $2,000, while they’re typically $695 on the low end and $6,500 for the highest priced.

How much are old Stiffel lamps worth?

At Justcollecting.com when discussing Vintage Stiffel Lamps they are said to rarely hit auction houses and only usually go for between $100 and $500.

Are Stiffel lamps still made?

Proudly all of our products are still made in America, at our 40,000 square foot facility in Linden, NJ. If you take pride in possessing the unusual as well as the finest, then Stiffel should be your choice in lamps. Precise craftsmanship and magnificent design combine to make Stiffel Lamps the world’s finest.

How can you tell if a lamp is a Stiffel brass?

Further Identifiers Stiffel lamps are also marked on the bottom of the base. Sometimes the green felt on the bottom of the lamp would hide the label, but if you carefully unscrew the base, you can find the plaque or find etched in the metal the words “Stiffel,” “Stiffel Lamp Company” or SLC in the base.

Do Stiffel lamps have value?

Look for “Stiffel Lamp Company,” “SLC” or “Stiffel” on the decal or etched into the bottom of the lamp’s base. Don’t be too hasty on scrapping brass lamps. They are often worth better than scrap value just sold as-is, especially if old, retro, vintage, or antique.

How can you tell if a lamp is a Stiffel?

Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the bottom of the lamp’s metal or high-quality wood base. Look for “Stiffel Lamp Company,” “SLC” or “Stiffel” on the decal or etched into the bottom of the lamp’s base.

How can you tell if a lamp is Stiffel?

What are old brass lamps worth?

At auction the price can range wildly from $5-$200 per lamp, depending on the condition, working, pitting and the shade being present or not.

What kind of China is in Lenox lamps?

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How tall is a quoizel Lenox table lamp?

Pair Of Quoizel Lenox Table Lamp 20” High. Brass & Porcelain. Orig. Silk Shades. Only 1 left!

What kind of glass is a Stiffel table lamp made of?

Chic stylish table lamps having beautiful bases of brass. A base is composed of a round foot and a decorative tall stem. Flared lampshades are crafted of milk glass with a vertically grooved pattern and have gently indented top edges. In 1932, Ted Stiffel founded the Stiffel Lamp Company.

How tall is the stem of a Stiffel lamp?

Stiffel lamps were about 30” tall with shade included. They often had a slender stem, an attractive, understated shade, and would not look out of place in any room. They frequently used metal as the base part of the design. The metals could be brass, bronze, brushed copper, or black and white enamel.