What bike does Cadel Evans ride?

Cannondale CAAD 4 hard tail mountain bike used by Cadel EvansCannondale mountain bike ridden by Cadel Evans when he won the 1998 and 1999 World Cup mountain bike championships in the cross-country category.

How good was Cadel Evans?

Cadel Evans is quite possibly Australia’s greatest every road cyclist. He is the 2011 Tour de France Winner (and one of only 2 non-Europeans to ever win), he has won the 2009 UCI Road World Championships, the 1998 and 1999 Mountain Biking World Championships and he’s a 4 time Olympian.

Is Cadel Evans part Aboriginal?

Cadel Evans was born on 14 February 1977 at the Katherine Hospital, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia, to Helen (née Cocks), a bank manager, and Paul Evans, a council foreman. He spent his early childhood in the small Aboriginal community of Barunga, 80 kilometres (50 miles) east of Katherine.

What year did Cadel Evans win?

Australia’s first Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans’ place in cycling history is assured. The now retired battling Aussie challenged for the Tour’s yellow jersey for several years before finally landing the prize in 2011, when he beat Andy and Fränk Schleck in the final time trial in Grenoble.

How old is Stefania?

How old is Stefania Zandonella? She was born on 5th May, 1990. She is 31-yrs old.

What team did Cadel Evans ride for?

BMC Racing Team
He became the first Australian to win the UCI ProTour (2007) and the UCI Road World Championships in 2009. Finally, at age 34, he won the Tour de France in 2011, riding for BMC Racing Team. He was one of the oldest winners in the race’s history. Early in his career, Evans earned the nickname ‘The Lung’.

What is Cadel Evans famous for?

Home. Cadel Lee Evans is arguably Australia’s most famous, former professional racing cyclist. Evans won the prestigious Tour de France in 2011, making him one of only two non-Europeans to have won the Tour de France, the other being Greg LeMond.

What is Cadel Evans net worth?

Cadel Evans is an Australian professional racing cyclist who has a net worth of $8 million….Cadel Evans Net Worth.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Feb 14, 1977 (44 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Professional Road Racing Cyclist

Who did Cadel Evans marry?

Chiara Passerinim. 2005–2015
Cadel Evans/Spouse

Why is Cadel Evans famous?

Home. Cadel Lee Evans is arguably Australia’s most famous, former professional racing cyclist. He won numerous titles, including the World Cup in 1998 and 1999 and placing seventh in the men’s cross-country mountain bike race at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Who is the best Australian cyclist?

Top 10

  1. Cadel Evans (1977 – ) With an HPI of 59.14, Cadel Evans is the most famous Australian Cyclist.
  2. Russell Mockridge (1928 – 1958)
  3. Robbie McEwen (1972 – )
  4. Lionel Cox (1930 – 2010)
  5. Danny Clark (1951 – )
  6. Richie Porte (1985 – )
  7. Stuart O’Grady (1973 – )
  8. Michael Rogers (1979 – )

What kind of bike does Cadel Evans ride?

Two bicycles owned by champion Australian cyclist Cadel Evans help to tell a story of achievement on cycling’s world stage. A Ridley ‘Helium’ road cycle and a Cannondale CAAD 4 hardtail mountain bike ridden by the champion cyclist are part of the National Museum of Australia’s collection.

How old was Cadel Evans when he won the Tour de France?

Then, in 2011, Evans became the first Australian to win the Tour de France. At the age of 34, he was among the oldest winners in the race’s history. His tour win crowned an impressive list of successes since he had turned professional 10 years early, which included winning the 2009 World Road Championships in Switzerland.

Is it true that both Lance and Cadel have won the Tour de France?

Both have been world champions and both have won the Tour de France… but only one, it seems, will be officially recognised for his successes in the French Grand Tour. This continues to attract readers years after it was published.

Who is the physiologist who studied Cadel Evans?

Studies by: Professor Ed Coyle, University of Texas & Australian insitute of Sport, Canberra. Dr David T. Martin, was a senior physiologist at the AIS who conducted fitness tests on Australia’s most talented cyclists for over 15 years.