What does mechanized production mean?

Mechanization is the process of changing from working largely or exclusively by hand or with animals to doing that work with machinery. Extension of mechanization of the production process is termed as automation and it is controlled by a closed loop system in which feedback is provided by the sensors.

What’s the meaning of mechanized?

1 : to make mechanical especially : to make automatic or routine. 2a : to equip with machinery especially to replace human or animal labor. b : to equip with armed and armored motor vehicles. c : to provide with mechanical power.

What is mechanization in agriculture?

Agricultural mechanization today has a very broad meaning. This broad meaning includes production, distribution and utilization of a variety of tools, machinery and equipment for the development of agricultural land, planting, harvesting and primary processing [3, 15, 19, 25].

What was the effect of the mechanization of production?

Its main goals are to raise labor productivity and free humans from heavy, labor-intensive, and fatiguing operations. Mechanization of production promotes rational and economical use of raw and processed materials and power, reduction of prime cost, and improvement of product quality.

What are the advantages of mechanized farming?

Advantages of Mechanized Farming

  • Crop production on a very large scale.
  • It removes difficulty in farming.
  • The used of improved seeds for better crop production.
  • The introduction of irrigation makes water available for agricultural purposes throughout the year.
  • It reduces the excessive use of manual labour.

What is difference between mechanization and automation?

Mechanization refers to the replacement of human power with mechanical power of some form. Mechanization displaces physical labor, whereas Automation displaces mental labor as well. Mechanization affects one or two industries at a time. Automation is the replacement of human thinking with computers and machines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanization?

Mechanization of Office | Advantages | Disadvantages

  • Quality of Work.
  • Low Operating Costs.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Accuracy.
  • Relieves Monotony.
  • Standardization of Work.
  • Effective Control.
  • Create Goodwill.

What is the difference between mechanization and automation?

Automation involves the entire process, including bringing material to and from the mechanized equipment. Mechanization is normally defined as the replacement of a human task with a machine. Automatic transplanters are an example of mechanization. But, true automation encompasses more than mechanization.

Why was the mechanization of production important?

Mechanization raises the efficiency of labour and enhances the farm production per worker. By its nature it reduces the quantum of labour needed to produce a unit of output.

What are the disadvantages of mechanized farming?


  • HIGH COST OF RUNNING: farm mechanization, due to the high cost and numerous machines involved, is very expensive to operate.

Which is the best definition of mechanization of production?

Mechanization of Production. replacement of manual implements of labor in sectors of material production or in labor processes with machines and mechanisms using various types of power and traction for their operation. Mechanization of production also covers the sphere of mental labor.

What is the dictionary definition of the word mechanize?

Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mechanize. Accessed 13 Jun. 2021. 1 : to cause to be done by machines rather than humans or animals The invention helped mechanize farming.

What’s the difference between mechanization and integrated production?

A distinction is made between partial and integrated mechanization of production, depending on the degree to which technical means are provided for production processes, and also on the types of jobs.

How does mechanization change the way we work?

When mechanization overtakes basic human traits, people lose the ability to reproduce. In terms of how much mechanization has changed our work, it’s been like going from the Model T to the Tesla, but in a much shorter time. The workers got a wage increase after the strike, but mechanization of the process ended up eliminating many laborers’ jobs.