What does RNP 10 mean?

An RNP of 10 means that a navigation system must be able to calculate its position to within a circle with a radius of 10 nautical miles. Some oceanic airspace has an RNP capability value of 4 or 10. The level of RNP an aircraft is capable of determines the separation required between aircraft with respect to distance.

Where is RNP 10 required?

The areas that require RNP10 include the Central East Pacific (between Hawaii and the US west coast) and Northern Pacific (NOPAC), each utilize 50 nm lateral spacing. RNP10 is also applied in the Southern Pacific (SOPAC) Regions.

What are the aircraft requirements to operate in RNP 10 airspace?

– The RNAV 10 navigation specification requires that aircraft operating in oceanic and remote areas be equipped with at least two independent and serviceable long range navigation systems (LRNS), comprising an inertial navigation system (INS), an inertial reference system/flight management system (IRS/FMS), or a global …

What is RNP Authorization Required?

RNP Authorization Required ( AR ) Approach IAPs require authorization analogous to the Special Aircraft Authorization Required ( SAAR ) for Category II or III Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) procedures. The minima line will include a performance value, RNP 0.30 for example.

What is the difference between RNP and RNAV?

An RNAV procedure is one that requires you to have an RNAV system in order to fly it. RNP, or Required Navigation Performance adds specific performance standards onto RNAV systems. It defines several levels of performance that are applied to specific airspace and operations.

What does a positive RNP antibody mean?

A positive result for RNP antibodies is consistent with a connective tissue disease.

What does RNP stand for?

Required Navigation Performance
Definition. Required Navigation Performance (RNP) is a family of navigation specifications under Performance Based Navigation (PBN) which permit the operation of aircraft along a precise flight path with a high level of accuracy and the ability to determine aircraft position with both accuracy and integrity.

What kind of equipment is required for RNP?

• Basic RNP capability is achieved through TSO-C146 compliant equipment when installed under AC 20-138(). RNP-10 and RNP-4 procedures are limited primarily to oceanic airspace. RNAV (RNP AR) procedures are available in the US for domestic operations.

What is required navigation performance ( RNP ) 10?

Required Navigation Performance-10 (RNP-10) Airspace Eddie sez: Required Navigation Performance (RNP) standards are almost alwaysperformance based, requiring on-board performance monitoring and alerting.

What’s the difference between RNP 10 and RNP 4?

RNP 10 and Required Navigation Performance 4 (RNP 4) are the only RNP navigation specifications (NavSpecs) currently applicable to oceanic and remote area operations. Other Area Navigation (RNAV) and RNP NavSpecs are applicable to continental en route, terminal area, and approach operations. b. ICAO Efforts.

Why is RNP 10 still used for RNAV 10?

The ICAO elected to retain “RNP-10” when in fact it meant “RNAV-10” because changing all the charts and manuals would have been too expensive. The key takeaway from all this is to realize that “RNP-10” does not require performance monitoring and alerting, as do the other RNP designations.