What does the cooldown mean in clash of clans?

It means you won’t be able to purchase that shield again until the cool-down is over. So if you buy a one day shield, you have to wait 5 days until you are able to buy it again.

Will Clash of Clans end?

Originally Answered: Is there an end of the game clash of clans? No, there is not an end.

How long is war cooldown in clash of clans?

War Decks must have unique cards (you cannot use the same card in more than one War Deck) and once they are used they go onto a cooldown which resets at midnight (local time) each day.

Why does my Clash of Clans say personal break?

The personal break activates when a player stays online for a very long time. Once a player’s personal break begins, he can be attacked even though he is still online.

How long can you stay online COC?

That means you can only be online for 3 hours total before the game will kick you out so that you’re vulnerable to attack. The patch notes also mention that they closed a few loopholes that used to reset the 3 hour limit, to catch people who are gaming the system.

How much loot can be stolen in COC?

Gold and Elixir

Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Cap
1 50% 1,000
2 50% 5,000
3 50% 30,000
4 50% 100,000

Can you re-purchase a shield during a cooldown?

If a cooldown is active, you can’t purchase another shield or guard. If you purchase all three shields simultaneously, you will be able to re-purchase additional 1-day and 2-day shields before the end of the initial 10-day shielded period, as the cooldown period on the shorter shields will have expired.

What happens when a shield expires in Clash of clans?

Once a Shield expires, you will be automatically given a Village Guard, whose duration depends on your League. 2 hour Village Guard: The Village Guard functions similarly to the Shields, preventing attacks while it is still active, but there is no penalty to the Village Guard if you do start an attack.

How does the legend League work in Clash of clans?

Legend trophies will be permanently featured in your profile and cannot be lost. The Legend League features a different matchmaking system compared to the other leagues, detailed below. Matchmaking in Legend League occurs on a daily basis. The season is divided into 24-hour cycles called League Days, which start at 8am Helsinki time (5am GMT).

How does the trophy system work in Clash of clans?

Gain and loss of trophies work in exactly the same way as in lower leagues; the number of trophies won by the attacker equals the number of trophies lost by the defender, with one exception: if the attacker does not win any stars, the defender does not lose any trophies, but does not gain any either.