What engine is in a Jensen Healey?

Jensen-Healey performance and specs

Engine 1973cc 16 valve DOHC in-line four-cylinder
Fuel consumption 25 mpg
Gearbox Four or five-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2337mm

What is a 1973 Jensen Healey worth?

Your money buys less and less these days in terms of Austin-Healeys, MGAs and TR6s, but the Jensen-Healey is still somewhat reasonably priced at an average value of $6,400. Hagerty’s full price rundown puts a fair condition car at $3,100, while a concours car is worth roughly $22,600.

How many Jensen Interceptors were made?

In total 320 FFs were produced; 195 Mark I, 110 Mark II and 15 Mark III.

How much did a Jensen Interceptor cost when new?

First the prices when the cars where new. ModelYear, newUK list price as new C-V8 MK III1965£ 3491 Interceptor MK I1966£ 3743 Interceptor MK II1969£ 5198 Interceptor SP1971£ 6977 Interceptor FF1968£ 6017 Interceptor FF MK II1970£ 7705 Interceptor Convert.

How much are Jensen Interceptors worth?

1966–76 Jensen Interceptors are a realistic alternative to an Aston Martin Volante V8. But auction prices have languished in the $25,000–$50,000 range.

What car did Letty drive in Fast 6?

1971 Jensen Interceptor
The 1971 Jensen Interceptor is a minor car in Fast & Furious 6 driven by Letty Ortiz.

What car does Letty drive in fast 9?

Chevrolet Nova SS
For the final showdown in F9, Letty drove a silver 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS with black stripes. The car was used during the convoy chase in Tbilisi when Dom’s group attempted to take down the armored truck transporting Otto and Jakob.

What car did Letty drive in fast 9?

What kind of crankshaft does a Jensen Healey use?

We recommend the reworked 2.2 cast, Vauxhall / Bedford crankshafts. They’re good up to 7000 rpm and are manufactured to the same standards as the original crank found in the 907 engine. A 2.2 crank in your Lotus 907 engine can make your Jensen Healey or Jensen GT the smooth, fast road car it was meant to be.

Can a Jensen Healey be used in a Lotus 907?

A 2.2 crank in your Lotus 907 engine can make your Jensen Healey or Jensen GT the smooth, fast road car it was meant to be. Vandervell, the original supplier to Lotus for their engine bearings is no longer producing for the 907 engine. What’s left in stock is crazy expensive- +.20 rods are running about $250 and +.10 mains $360 per set!

Are there any Jensen Healey cars still on the market?

The good news is that most Jensen-Healey parts are still available, even reproduction body panels. Most cars should have also had oil and fuel issues sorted out by now. Popular and proven upgrades like Weber or Dell’Orto carbs and Toyota five-speed swaps also give these cars even more sparkling performance.

When did the Jensen Healey Mk II come out?

At least it won 1973’s SCCA D-Production national championship to get some street cred. A Mk II version in 1974 got a mild facelift inside and out, with larger bumpers, more exterior brightwork, and either woodgrain or wheel wood dash. A Getrag five-speed was the biggest news under the skin.