What famous song did Kris Kristofferson write?

Me and Bobby McGee
Kristoffer Kristofferson (born June 22, 1936) is a retired American singer-songwriter and actor. Among his songwriting credits are the songs “Me and Bobby McGee”, “For the Good Times”, “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down”, and “Help Me Make It Through the Night”, all of which were hits for other artists.

Who has Kris Kristofferson written songs for?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Kris Kristofferson Tommy Overstreet
Love Is the Way Kris Kristofferson Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings
Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) Kris Kristofferson Waylon Jennings
Magdalene Kris Kristofferson Kris Kristofferson

What is Kris Kristofferson’s best song?

Top 10 Kris Kristofferson Songs

  • “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” From: ‘Kristofferson’ (1970)
  • “Me and Bobby McGee” From: ‘Kristofferson’ (1970)
  • “Help Me Make It Through the Night” From: ‘Kristofferson’ (1970)
  • “Why Me”
  • “The Pilgrim, Chapter 33”
  • “Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends”
  • “The Taker”
  • “For the Good Times”

What was Kris Kristofferson’s number one hit?

Kris Kristofferson has one single No. 1 hit as a solo artist and that is “Why Me.” He recorded the track with backing vocals from his wife Rita Coolidge and Larry Gatlin. The song was inspired by Gatlin’s track, “Help Me Lord,” along with his church.

Is Kris Kristofferson still married to Lisa Meyers?

Lisa Meyers Kristofferson After Kristofferson and Coolidge ended their marriage in 1980, he met his third wife Lisa Meyers. The couple married in 1983. Still married to this day, Lisa and Kristofferson had five children together — Jesse, Jody, Johnny, Blake and Kelly Marie Kristofferson.

Did Kris Kristofferson ever talk to his parents again?

But Kristofferson’s chosen path was not an easy one. His parents were so distressed by his decision that their relationship with him became severely strained; he did not speak to his mother for more than 20 years.

Are Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand friends?

Streisand called Kristofferson “one of my favorite leading men” before inviting the music legend to the stage. It’s clear the co-stars have remained close in the decades since sharing the screen.

Is Kris Kristofferson still singing?

Kris Kristofferson has officially retired from music. With no fanfare, the actor and singer-songwriter extraordinaire permanently stepped out of the spotlight in 2020, according to a new report regarding his estate.

Did Kris Kristofferson serve in Vietnam?

Kristofferson, the son of a US Army officer, was a champion college sportsman before following his father into military service. He graduated from West Point and became a helicopter pilot, finishing his military service in 1965 just as the Vietnam War was unfolding.

What happened to Lisa Myers?

She retired from NBC News after 33 years in early 2014. She lives in Washington, D.C.

Why did Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge divorce?

In her memoir, Delta Lady, Coolidge described her marriage to Kristofferson as volatile due to his alcoholism and infidelity. She revealed he was also emotionally abusive and would belittle her talent. When they divorced she did not ask him for anything.

Did Elvis turn down a star is born?

Elvis hadn’t been in a movie since 1969, and nobody knew what he could do at the box office, because of all that, Elvis Presley didn’t make the movie, although he had been Streisand’s first choice since the beginning of the project.

What did Janis Joplin sing with Kris Kristofferson?

His song, “Me and Bobby McGee” had become a country hit after Roger Miller recorded it. But it was his big introduction with rockstar Janis Joplin that gained him a raging No.1 hit across the world.

When did Kris Kristofferson sing why me Lord?

Published on Oct 21, 2009 This is kris kristofferson telling the story of Why Me Lord, This is from the DVD Ralf Emery’s Legends Vol. 2 Category Entertainment Song Why Me Artist Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Janie Frickie Writers Kris Kristofferson Licensed to YouTube by

When did Kris Kristofferson sing loving her was easier?

Beautiful live performance on British Television in 1972 of Kris Kristofferson singing “Loving Her Was Easier” Check out corporalhenshaw for many more clips and documentaries of classic rock, folk, gospel, jazz and blues. Look for Kris in the “singer songwriters of the 70s” playlist.

Who are some famous songs that Roy Drusky wrote?

Some of his Top 40 songs were written by famous singer-songwriters. Liz Anderson wrote “Pick of the Week” for him as well as ” (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers ” which is best remembered by the concurrent hit by Merle Haggard although Drusky’s was actually the more successful record at the time. Kris Kristofferson wrote “Jody and the Kid”.