What happened between Derek and Ahsha on hit the floor?

So, she runs away and leaves Derek, but don’t worry because Ahsha comes back. Derek and Ahsha marry and have a son. Zero and Jude marry and have a daughter. Jelena and Terrence get back together, too.

What was Ahsha secret on hit the floor?

Last week, we saw German get emotional and reveal to Ahsha that he was the one who killed Olivia. This week we picked back up with that revelation, but German offered an explanation. He didn’t kill Olivia with malicious intent. It was a confrontation turned accident.

What episode does Derek propose to Ahsha hit the floor?

“Hit the Floor” Fast Break (TV Episode 2013) – IMDb.

What episode do Ahsha and Derek get married?

Til Death Do Us Part
(Special additional Episode) Jelena takes on her duties as CEO of the Devils. The shooter is revealed. Derek and Ahsha get married.

Did Derek and Ahsha divorce?

What he learned was that Derek and Ahsha had gotten a divorce because she’d gotten pregnant and had an abortion without even telling him about any of it. He was, of course, referring to the fact that Ahsha’s mom, Sloane (Kimberly Elise), had kept the news that Ahsha was Pete’s daughter a secret from him for years.

Does Ahsha become a devil girl again?

Ahsha is officially a Devil Girl again. On this week’s episode of Hit the Floor, Ahsha discovers she has been reinstated as a Devil Girl, as per Derek’s contract condition, but she plays hardball. Speaking of Jelena, Ahsha tells Lionel she better handle that, and Lionel agrees.

Who Shot Jelena in Hit The Floor?

Sloane Hayes
She hates Ahsha and sees her as a threat. Later on in season 3 her and Terrance separate and she later is shot by Sloane Hayes.

Who Shot Jelena in hit the floor?

Why did zero Leave hit the floor?

On April 1, 2016, an hour-long special was announced for Hit The Floor to resolve the cliffhangers raised. In the episode, which aired in September 2016, Zero’s trade is dropped and the men are left happily in love, and together. On April 27, 2017, it was announced the series would move to BET for its future seasons.

Is zero in Season 4 hit the floor?

Season four In “Slay,” Zero has left the Devils, and Jude laments that Zero rejected his marriage proposal. Jude is still reeling from their breakup, but he has developed a better relationship with Jelena as they both worked together to keep the team afloat.

Who Shot Jelena on hit the floor?

Who is Ahsha Hayes from hit the floor married to?

Ahsha is married to Los Angeles Devil player Derek Roman and is the enemy of Jelena Howard, captain of the Devil Girls. Ahsha Hayes is played by professional dancer Taylour Paige and debuts in ” Pilot “.

Who is the girl that plays Ahsha on hit the floor?

Ahsha is the most prominent main character on the show and is played by professional dancer Taylour Paige and debuts in ” Pilot “. She not only was the captain of her college cheerleading squad but also is the daughter of an original Devil Girl.

Why did Derek pay for Ahsha Hayes dance?

German is later approached by Jelena who uses the connection between Derek and Ahsha to play on German’s insecurities. During the silent auction which was over taken by Kyle, Derek pays 100,000 dollars just to have a dance with the now famous Ahsha Hayes.

Who are the Devil Girls on hit the floor?

The Devil Girls are an elite dance team who support the famous Los Angeles Devils, a Basketball team. Ahsha’s audition capture’s the attention of not only the Los Angeles Devil player Derek Roman, but also the tyrannical captain of the Devil Girls Jelena Howard.