What happened to Taylor and Nathan from 16 and Pregnant?

Taylor’s mother wants the baby to put up for adoption, but Taylor and Nathan decide to keep the baby. On November 11, 2010, she gives birth to her daughter Aubri Rose Bridwell. Shortly after Aubri’s birth, she and Nathan split up.

Can you have a healthy baby at 16?

Teen moms can have healthy babies. Make sure you see your doctor as soon as you know you’re pregnant, and attend all your scheduled appointments. Proper obstetrical care throughout your pregnancy is so important to the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.

What’s the difference between Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant?

Whereas 16 and Pregnant only traces the nine months leading to birth, Teen Mom follows the lives of the same teens after the baby showers are over and the reality of life with a baby sets in.

Does the show 16 and Pregnant promote teenage pregnancy?

The researchers’ findings are inconsistent with the findings in a recent study the National Bureau of Economic Research, issued in January, which posited that the show “16 and Pregnant” led to a 5.7 percent reduction in teen births in the 18 months after its premiere.

Can a 16 year old have a baby with a 20 year old?

Under the laws of all states in this country if a sixteen (16) year old minor becomes pregnant by an adult who is twenty (20) years of age the adult clearly can be charged with statutory rape as well as other inapproriate acts with a minor. If convicted, the adult will be required to register as a sex offender.

What happens if a 16 year old gets a 14 year old pregnant?

2 attorney answers Therefore, if you and the 14 year old engage in sexual intercourse (or even engage in activity that causes sexual arousal of any kind), then both of you can be charged with a sexual felony.

Is 16 and Pregnant scripted?

16 and Pregnant stars have addressed accusations the show is staged. It’s common knowledge that many reality TV shows utilize tactics ranging from creative, out-of-context editing to outright fakery in order to dredge up the drama that keeps fans coming back. In fact, there’s proof that reality TV is completely fake.

How much does a girl make on 16 and Pregnant?

The women were reportedly paid $5,000 for ’16 and Pregnant’ Amber Portwood, who stars on Teen Mom, revealed that she was only paid $5,000 to appear on her 16 and Pregnant episode. Of course, at the time, the women were only appearing on one episode, and they weren’t household names the way they are today.