What is 2 mm equal to in inches?

1/16 inch
2mm = just over 1/16 inch. 3mm = almost 1/8 inch.

What size is 30mm in inches?

Millimeters to inches conversion table

Millimeters (mm) Inches (“) (decimal) Inches (“) (fraction)
30 mm 1.1811 ″ 1 3/16 ″
40 mm 1.5784 ″ 1 37/64 ″
50 mm 1.9685 ″ 1 31/32 ″
60 mm 2.3622 ″ 2 23/64 ″

What is MM formula?

To convert a meter measurement to a millimeter measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The length in millimeters is equal to the meters multiplied by 1,000. For example, here’s how to convert 5 meters to millimeters using the formula above.

What is the thickness of 12 mm?

MM Approximate Size In Inches Exact Size In Inches
10mm Little over 3/8 Inch 0.39370 Inches
11mm 7/16 Inch 0.43307 Inches
12mm Just short of 1/2 Inch 0.47244 Inches
13mm Little over 1/2 Inch 0.51181 Inches

What is the thickness of 1mm?

mm/in thickness conversion result
From Symbol Result
1 mm 0.039

What is the actual size of a millimeter?

Millimeters are units of measurement in the metric system, which are used to measure small distances. The equivalent of 1 millimeter is 0.03937 inches. In the metric system, 10 millimeters is equivalent to one centimeter, and 100 centimeters is equivalent to one meter.

How many millimeters make an inch?

1 Inch = 25.4 Millimeters. Inch is an imperial and US customary measurement systems length unit. The abbreviation is in and the symbol is double prime (). Millimeter is a metric length unit and equal to one thousandth of a meter.

What does one millimeter equal?

One millimeter is equal to 0.001 meters (one-thousandth of a meter) or one-tenth of a centimeter.

How many mm in 1 and a half inch?

How many millimeters in half inch? an inch equals 25.4 millimeters because 1 times 25.4 (the conversion factor) = 25.4.