What is a Dachshund cross Jack Russell called?

The cheerful, jolly Dachshund mixed with the bold yet friendly Jack Russell makes for a charming family pet. Often known as the JackWeenie, the Jackshund or the Dachshund cross Jack Russell, this small mixed breed is energetic and loving with a stubborn streak.

How big does a Jack Russell Dachshund mix get?

Characteristics and Personality of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix

Weight 15–28 pounds
Height 8–23 inches
Size Medium
Coat type Medium length Straight or wiry
Coat color Black Brown Cream White

How long do Jack Russell Dachshund mixes live?

The Jackshund is a relatively healthy dog who will enjoy a long 12 to 15 years with you. Just like all relatively new hybrid dogs, he could inherit the health concerns seen in either of his parent’s breeds.

How big do Jackshunds get?

On average, a Jackshund will weigh between 15 to 28 pounds. The smaller members of the breed usually take up after the Doxie parent, whereas the medium-sized mixes resemble Jack Russell Terrier more.

What is the average lifespan of a dachshund?

12 – 16 years
Dachshund/Life span

Are dachshunds very smart?

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs with an independent nature and playful spirit. Because of this, they can be mischievous. Be patient, firm, and consistent when training them. Because they were bred for hunting, they can exhibit some behaviors that are related to that.

What is the temperament of a dachshund terrier mix?

Dachshund Terrier Mix Temperament. This mixed breed dog tends to be friendly and playful , but is more comfortable around its family than strangers. Usually an alert and active dog, the Dachshund terrier mix benefits for living with people who can devote time and energy to occupying their busy minds.

What does a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix look like?

The Jack Chi is a small hybrid mix between the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua purebred. They have solid bodies and fox-like faces, stand roughly 15 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 8 to 18 pounds. Their short dense coat comes in many colors, including tan, brown, fawn, black, white, and tri-color mixtures.

What do you call a dachshund terrier mix?

The hybrid of Dachshund and Yorkie Terrier is commonly known as ‘Dorkie’, whereas ‘Doxie Scott’ is the name given to the mix of Dachshund and Scottish Terrier . The dachshund terriers have a dapple coat like the dachshunds but they are longer in size just like in the case of the terrier.

What is a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix?

The Jack Chi is a cross of the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier. She is a small mixed dog who has talents in events including tricks, and agility. She is also called a Jackhuahua or a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Mix.