What is another word for done over?

What is another word for done over?

assaulted attacked
mugged beaten up
roughed up filled in
knocked about knocked around
worked over beat up on

IS OVER perform a word?

To perform better than the market as a whole for a stated period of time. To overperform does not necessarily mean to perform well.

What can I say instead of responsible for?

You can say “spearheaded” or “implemented” instead of “responsible for” on a resume. “Spearheaded” and “implemented” are examples of resume action verbs, and are descriptive substitutes for the words “responsible for.”

What is underperform stock?

Underperform is a stock that will likely perform slightly below par: seeing greater losses in a down market and below-average gains in an up market. A sell rating is given to a stock that is expected to lose value.

What is meant by underperformance?

Underperformance is when an employee is performing their duties below the required level expected. Failing to perform duties to a high standard/altogether. Non-compliance of work policies and procedures. Bad behavior that negatively impacts others in the workplace.

Which is the best synonym for the word performed?

performed. See definition of performed on Dictionary.com. verb carry out, accomplish. verb act, depict as entertainment.

What is the past tense for the word performed?

Past tense for to perform a show or in a show Past tense for to do what is required by the terms of Past tense for to perform a (usually religious) ceremony Past tense for to perform, especially as an actor in a film or stage show Past tense for to conduct or devote oneself to (in an activity)Past tense for to take part or involve oneself

What is the meaning of the word perform?

Those Westerners perform quite in that manner, I assure you. She had her duty to perform, and she expected to be taken care of till it was done. If we would promise we must put ourselves in a position to perform our promise. But thus it always is with persons who are destined to perform great things.

Which is the best synonym for the word oversee?

Phrases Synonymous with oversee. call the shots (of), call the tune (for), ride herd on, watch over. 3 to take charge of especially on behalf of another. oversee the household until Dad gets home.