What is FTCE Professional Education test?

The FTCE Professional Education Test is a test of pedagogy and professional practices required in order to obtain a professional teacher certificate.

How long is the professional exam FTCE?

2.5 hours
The test is approximately 110 multiple-choice questions. It is computer-based (CBT) and must be completed in 2.5 hours.

What is the Professional Education test for?

The FTCE Professional Education test focuses on the knowledge required to be a successful teacher. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of topics ranging from curriculum planning and assessment strategies to professional development and Florida’s code of ethics.

What is the passing score for FTCE Professional Education test?

The Professional Education test (083) has approximately 120 multiple-choice questions. You need to get 71% of answers correct to earn a scaled score of 200. Assuming there are exactly 120 questions, you’ll need at least 85 correct answers to pass the assessment.

How do I pass the FTCE professional exam?

A scaled score of at least 200 is needed to pass the Professional Education Test. This means you’ll need to answer at least 71% of the 110 questions correctly, which is about 79 correct answers.

How much is the FTCE professional education test?

The testing fee for the FTCE Professional Education Test is $150 to take the first time. Should you need to retake it, the cost is $170. During the application process, you can choose to have your score sent to your enrolled institution or PDCP.

How much does it cost to take the FTCE?

General Knowledge Test

Testing Configuration New Fee
All 4 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $130
3 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $97.50
2 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $65
1 subtest (1st Attempt and Retake) $32.50

Do FTCE scores expire?

Official score reports are posted to examinee accounts within 4 weeks of the test date. Score reports released beginning January 2018 will be available in examinee accounts for 5 years from the score report release date. Previously, examinee score reports were available only for 60 days.

What is on the FTCE professional education test?

The FTCE Professional Education Test is a test of knowledge based on eight (8) competencies: Instructional Design & Planning; Learning Environment; Teaching Strategies; Assessment Strategies; Professional Improvement; Ethics & Professional Conduct; English-Language-Learners; Reading & Literacy

How do you get a teacher certification?

The most common way to get a teaching certificate is to earn bachelor’s degree that includes a teacher preparation program, and then apply to your state for a teaching certificate.

What is teacher certification testing?

A teacher certification test consists of general knowledge questions in a range of academic subjects. After you have passed the teacher certification test in the state where you wish to teach, you can obtain the certification to teach additional subjects by passing the appropriate certification examination.