What is MTM Agar?

Modified Thayer-Martin (MTM) agar is a GC agar base containing vancomycin, colistin, nystatin, and trimethoprim lactate (VCNT). Selective isolation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is achieved with suppression of most other gram-negative diplococci, gram-negative bacilli, gram-positive organisms, and yeast.

What bacteria grows on Thayer Martin?

It is used for culturing and primarily isolating pathogenic Neisseria bacteria, including Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis, as the medium inhibits the growth of most other microorganisms.

What is Thayer-Martin agar used for?

Thayer-Martin Selective Agar is used for the isolation of pathogenic Neisseria from specimens containing mixed flora of bacteria and fungi. Carpenter and Morton described an improved medium for the isolation of the gonococcus in 24 h.

What antibiotics are in Thayer-Martin agar?

Our Thayer-Martin supplement contains four antibiotics: vancomycin which inhibits gram-positive organisms, colistin which inhibits gram-negative bacteria, nystatin which inhibits yeasts and molds, and trimethoprim which is primarily added to inhibit swarming Proteus species.

What grows in chocolate agar?

Chocolate agar (CHOC) or chocolate blood agar (CBA), is a nonselective, enriched growth medium used for isolation of pathogenic bacteria. Chocolate agar is used for growing fastidious respiratory bacteria, such as Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis. In addition, some of these bacteria, most notably H.

When would you use MTM rather than chocolate agar?

When would you use MTM medium rather than chocolate agar? ď‚·Chocolate agar is a non-selective medium. Modified Thayer-Martin is a selective medium for Gram-negative bacteria and includes the medium as well as antibiotics. You would use MTM when you are working with Gram-negative bacteria such as Neisseria.

What types of bacteria grow on blood agar?

Blood Agar is used to grow a wide range of pathogens particularly those that are more difficult to grow such as Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neisseria species. It is also required to detect and differentiate haemolytic bacteria, especially Streptococcus species.

What is difference between blood agar and chocolate agar?

It is treated and water and a number of other ingredients are added to sterilize the solution. The blood is treated to remove fibrin, the clotting factor of the blood. On the other hand, chocolate agar contains lysed red blood cells, which turns brown giving the medium its chocolate color.

Which is the main component of chocolate agar?

Chocolate Agar (CAP or CHOC) is a nonselective, enriched medium used for the isolation and identification of fastidious pathogens….Composition of chocolate agar.

Ingredients Gm/L
Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic 4.0
Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic 1.0
Sodium Chloride 5.0
Agar 10.0

Is chocolate agar selective or differential?

Chocolate agar, a differential medium for gram-positive cocci.