What is OpenText?

OpenText Corporation (also written opentext) is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management (EIM) software. OpenText software applications manage content or unstructured data for large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms.

What is Open Text platform?

OpenText Content Suite Platform is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system designed to facilitate and manage the flow of enterprise information from creation or capture through archiving and disposition.

What is Open Text used for?

OpenText provides the most complete and integrated Information Management platform, allowing companies to organize, integrate and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside the organization.

Who started Open Text?

Tim Bray
Frank TompaGaston Gonnet

Is OpenText a CMS?

OpenText Content Management System overview The OpenText™ Content Management System (CMS) helps create, manage and optimize digital customer experiences.

What database does OpenText use?

Customers can now upgrade to OpenText™ Content Server 16 running on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or Microsoft® Azure SQL DB. OpenText and Micro- soft also offer database migration services to customers wishing to migrate from Oracle databases.

Who is the CEO of OpenText?

Mark Barrenechea (Jan 2, 2012–)

How much does OpenText cost?

OpenText is working to simplify pricing for its managed services customers. Its new Prime Unlimited model charges $99 per user per month, so long as there is a minimum of 2,000 users and a three-year term is in place. (Source: OpenText Enterprise World.

Is OpenText a DMS?

A single, secure document management repository for collective information. OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) is purpose-built to help you control and and manage your work product.


What kind of software does OpenText Corporation use?

OpenText Corporation (also written opentext) is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management (EIM) software.

What was the original purpose of OpenText RightFax?

OpenText RightFax provides network-based fax functionality to enterprise organizations and has evolved through many versions since it was first released in 1992. RedDot, founded in 1993, was a business unit of OpenText Corporation that the company refers to as the Web Solutions Group.

How is information acquired in OpenText Intelligent Capture?

Information in the form of extracted content and files are acquired in the Captiva Solution and then delivered for storage or workflow into document management systems such as those from Documentum, Open Text, Microsoft, or IBM. In 2019 Captiva was rebranded as OpenText Intelligent Capture.

What does the OpenText platform do for SAP?

OpenText offers the digital content platform to manage and deliver unstructured content to SAP applications, dynamically, in context and on any device.