What is the best Launcher for Android tablet?

Even if none of these options appeal, read on because we’ve found many other choices for the best Android launcher for your phone.

  1. Nova Launcher. (Image credit: TeslaCoil Software)
  2. Niagara Launcher.
  3. Smart Launcher 5.
  4. AIO Launcher.
  5. Hyperion Launcher.
  6. Action Launcher.
  7. Customized Pixel Launcher.
  8. Apex Launcher.

Which Android Launcher has the best themes?

Apex Launcher – Best Android Theme Launcher App Its transition animations, scrolling dock, and scrolling habits are simply amazing. The app launcher for Android packs thousands of themes and icon packs that can further be downloaded from the Play Store.

What is the most customizable Launcher for Android?

11 Best Android Launchers For 2021

  • Nova Launcher.
  • Ratio.
  • Launcher iOS 13.
  • Apex Launcher.
  • Niagra Launcher.
  • Smart Launcher 5.
  • Microsoft Launcher.
  • Poco Launcher 2.0.

Which is the fastest Launcher for Android?

13 Fastest Android Launcher Apps 2021

  1. BlackBerry Launcher. Call it as one of the best launchers for Android, Blackberry is efficient in organizing your home screen the way you want.
  2. Pocophone F1 Launcher.
  3. Pixel Launcher.
  4. Hola Launcher.
  5. Microsoft Launcher.
  6. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition.
  7. ASAP Launcher.
  8. Nova Launcher.

What is the best Android Launcher 2019?

The 10 Best Android Launchers of 2019

  • Buzz Launcher.
  • Evie Launcher.
  • Launcher iOS 12.
  • Microsoft Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • One Launcher.
  • Smart Launcher 5.
  • ZenUI Launcher.

Which is the best launcher for tablet?

Best Android Launchers For Mobile And Tablet

  • Microsoft Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • Smart Launcher 5.
  • POCO Launcher 2.0.
  • Apex Launcher.
  • Launcher for Mac OS Style.
  • Action Launcher.
  • Lean Launcher.

Should I buy Nova Launcher Prime?

Is it Worth the Money? The price of Nova Launcher Prime varies from time to time. Sometimes it is priced at $1 and at other times, you will have to shell out $4. Well, if you want the customizations offered by Nova Launcher in the Prime version, then yes, it’s worth the money.

Do launchers make Android faster?

Custom launchers are a great way to transform your Android device into an entirely new version of itself. Thus, installing a lightweight custom launcher can practically make your Android phone faster.

Which is the best Android Launcher 2019?

Does launcher drain battery?

Most launchers don’t cause severe battery drain unless you are using one that comes with live themes or graphics. Features like these can be resource-intensive. So keep that in mind while picking up a launcher for your phone.

Which is the best Android launcher for tablet?

best android launcher app. Moreover, this launcher is absolutely free, and you can grab one from the Google Play Store. Go Launcher EX has a great user-friendly interface, with more than 5000 picky themes to choose from. Go Launcher EX is one of the best android launcher app for tablet and even for smartphone.

Which is the fastest launcher on the Play Store?

Though Niagara Launcher is currently in development and downloaded over millions of times. If you are looking for the android launcher that offers clean and minimalist UI, then this android launcher is for you. It is one of the fastest android launchers on the google play store.

Which is the best calendar widget for Android?

Calendar Widget: Month and Agenda are two Android widgets from Candl Apps. The first one is a fairly standard and minimal calendar widget. It includes over 90 themes, a minimal layout, support for Google Calendar, and it shows your various upcoming engagements.

Where is the Google launcher on my tablet?

Since this is Google’s own launcher, it shouldn’t surprise you that the company’s own services such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, Keep, YouTube, and Google+ will be placed front and center on the home screen of your tablet.If you want to, you can remove the “Google” folder from your home screen.