What is the hourly rate for commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaners charge $25 to $90 per hour, and the average hourly rate is $39.

National average cost $39/hour
Typical cost range $30-$50/hour
Low-end cost range $25-$28/hour
High-end cost range $75-$90/hour

Is there money in commercial cleaning?

A cleaning business can be extremely profitable. Cleaning businesses are profitable because cleaning services are in high demand. Cleaning businesses also offer a large number of growth opportunities. Lastly, cleaning businesses are profitable because it requires a low amount of overhead expenses.

How do I write a contract for cleaning?

Writing the contract

  1. Basic Title. Start with a simple header/title such as “Cleaning Services Contract” or “Service Agreement” at the top of your contract in bold lettering.
  2. Termination. The rules of termination should be set out clearly.
  3. The Service.
  4. Supplies.
  5. Rates.
  6. Procedures.
  7. Compensation.
  8. Signatures.

How can I get more commercial cleaning clients?

Before you get started, there are a few things you should know about how to get clients for a cleaning business.

  1. Developing a Marketing Plan.
  2. Customer Referrals.
  3. Coupons/Discounts.
  4. Recycling Marketing Campaigns.
  5. Optimize Your Website Content.
  6. Social Media.
  7. Building a Professional Network.

How much should I charge for disinfecting?

Disinfecting services pricing is usually calculated based on square footage. For example, Stratus franchisees calculate pricing based on square footage typically ranging between $. 05 – $. 10 per square foot for spaces larger than 5,000 sqft.

Is commercial cleaning hard?

While it doesn’t require a formal education, commercial cleaning requires a lot of training and hard manual labor that can account for the industry’s high turnover rate. Of course, companies that pay more are going to cost a little extra, but in the long run your going to be getting a more consistent and quality clean.

How do I start a commercial cleaning business with no money?

How to Start a Cleaning Business With No Money

  1. Use credit cards.
  2. Borrow from friends and family. Remember to be professional and put everything in writing.
  3. Find a partner who’s willing to invest in the business.
  4. Apply for funding from the Small Business Administration and other government programs.

How do you bid on a cleaning contract?

The most important part of bidding on a commercial cleaning contract takes place before you come up with a price. Doing research, asking questions, and making the proper cost calculations will ensure you have an estimate that represents the quality of the service you provide to a potential new client.

How much should I charge for cleaning offices?

The average cost of commercial cleaning is $0.11 per sq ft, with average cleaning rates ranging from $. 07 to $. 15 per sq ft according to PriceItHere. Commercial cleaning prices per hour equal about $75 per hour with average prices ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.

How do you find cleaning contracts?

Contacting Real Estate Agents and Property Managers. One of the best ways to obtain both office cleaning contracts, as well as many residential jobs, is to make contact with real estate agents and property managers. These individuals have access to numerous types of property.

How to write a bid for a cleaning contract?

Put your contact information at the top of your company’s letterhead.

  • Write the services you’re providing and how long they take.
  • Mention how often you’ll be cleaning.
  • List any supplies you need to bring with you during the cleaning job.
  • Give the total bid amount at the bottom of your proposal.
  • Deliver the bid to your client.
  • What is contract cleaning?

    Contract Cleaning is a co-effective cleaning solution to all types of clients. Contract Cleaning as the name suggests involves cleaning services that are performed on a contract basis.

    What is a cleaning contract?

    What is a Cleaning Contract? A cleaning contract is a legally binding document between two parties-the client and the company . This document contains a detailed list of the cleaning services agreement and terms and conditions. It is essential to secure the oral and agreed discussions in a legal document.