What is the meaning of RH bill?

Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012
The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, known as the RH Law, is a groundbreaking law that guarantees universal and free access to nearly all modern contraceptives for all citizens, including impoverished communities, at government health centers.

What do you think is the main argument of those who oppose the RH bill?

Those opposed to the Bill assert that the Philippines does not have a population problem and that the focus of public policy should instead be on the corruption problem. They argue that a large population resulting from rapid population growth is, in fact, good for the economy.

What is RA No 10354?

10354, otherwise known as “The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012” or the RPRH Act. The State shall protect and promote the right to health of women especially mothers in particular and of the people in general and instill health consciousness among them.

Why do we need RH bill?

The CRC Committee recommended the urgent adoption of the RH Bill, to “ensure access to reproductive health counse[ling] and provide all adolescents with accurate and objective information and culturally sensitive services in order to prevent teenage pregnancies, including by providing wide access to a broad variety of …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of RH bill?

Advantage and Disadvantage of RH bill

  • Prevent Induced Abortions.
  • Support and Deploy More Public Health Midwives, Nurses, and Doctors.RH.
  • Protect the Health and Lives of Mothers.
  • Save Babies.
  • Reduce Cancer Deaths.
  • Save Money that Can Be Used for Even More Social Spending.
  • Respond to the Majority Who Want Smaller Families.

Why is RH law important?

In his view, the RH Law’s most important provision is the guarantee by the State to provide “universal access to medically-safe, non-abortifacient, effective, legal, affordable, and quality reproductive health care services, methods, devices, supplies which do not prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum and …

What are the three most important provisions of the RH law?

Is there a need for an RH Bill?

There is no need for any legislation that guarantees universal access to contraceptives, the so-called reproductive health (RH) care devices, now or ever. Whatever “band-aid” amendments may be proposed by well-intentioned proponents of the RH bill to make it more palatable, the underlying principles behind it are inherently flawed.

Is the RH Bill the answer to poverty?

Elimination of poverty: No RH Bill proponent or supporter would ever claim that the RH Bill is the answer to all the woes of Philippine society. However, the RH Bill is an essential part of a program to combat poverty. Once the RH Bill becomes law, poor women will gain control over their fertility.

Are there any Catholics who support the RH Bill?

Other Catholic groups, such as the Catholics for Reproductive Health (C4RH), also express support for the RH bill. C4RH says there is “no dissonance” between being Catholic and supporting the RH bill. Akbayan spokesperson Risa Hontiveros, a devout Catholic, also criticized Catholic bishops at a recent forum for lobbying against the RH bill.

Is the RH bill controversial in the Philippines?

But there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the said proposed bill. For this we should congratulate the Catholic Church hierarchy, especially the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), for making a controversy out of something that shouldn’t be controversial at all. (Media sensationalism has its role in this one, too.)