What is US size 40 in UK?


6 40 7
6.5 40.5 7.5
7 41 8
7.5 41.5 8.5

What ring size is 40?

So a size 40 would mean the inside circumference of a ring is also 40 mm.

How do you convert US ring sizes to UK?

US and EU sizes comparisons, accurate to within approximately 1/4 of a finger size….UK TO US RING SIZE CONVERSION CHART.

O 7 1/2 55 1/4
P 8 56 1/4
Q 8 1/2 57 1/2
R 8 3/4 58 1/2

What is my US ring size?

Wrap string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen. Measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm). Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

What is a US ring size 6 in UK?

Ring Size Conversion

US, Canada UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand Inside Diameter & Circumference(mm)
5.25 K 15.9 & 50
5.5 K 1/2 16.1 & 50.6
5.75 L 16.31 & 51.2
6 L 1/2 16.51 & 51.9

How big is a 40 mm ring in Germany?

In France and Germany the numbers of each size simply translates to the circumference of the inside of the ring in millimeters. So a size 40 would mean the inside circumference of a ring is also 40 mm.

How big is a UK ring compared to a US ring?

UK SIZE APPROX US SIZE APPROX EU SIZE C 1 3/4 40 1/2 D 2 1/4 41 1/2 E 2 3/4 42 3/4 F 3 1/4 44 1/2

What’s the average ring size for a man?

Moreover, this represents a medium-sized hand for men. Average ring size is shown for a black diamond halo engagement ring from our showroom. For US clients, the average wedding ring size is size 10. This is around T + 1/2 in the UK. Many US clients order our UK ring sizer. Alternatively, we work to US sizes.

How big should my engagement ring be on my left hand?

In addition, choose a simple claw setting. Remember, engagement rings go onto the third finger of the left hand. The average finger size L lies close to a US size 6. Furthermore, Variations exist from one size chart to another. The above chart shows where size L falls in comparison to the US numerical size system.