What magazines will fit a Taurus 709 Slim?

The Taurus 709 Slim uses a seven-round magazine, although it is also possible to purchase extended nine- and 10-round magazines. The magazines carry standard 9-millimeter Luger handgun ammunition.

Is the Taurus 709 Slim a good gun?

With a weight of about 19 ounces empty, this pistol is comparable to some of the smallest single-stack subcompact 9mm pistols on the market. Surprisingly accurate for a subcompact firearm, the Taurus Slim features a long, light trigger pull with a short reset.

Will Taurus fix my gun?

Taurus reserves the right to inspect, disassemble and function test all firearms sent to Taurus upon arrival at our factory, or anytime thereafter. We will provide a repair estimate for repairs if the repair is not covered under the applicable Limited Lifetime Warranty. FedEx GROUND PROHIBITS THE SHIPMENT OF HANDGUNS.

What kind of packaging equipment does accutek use?

It is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey packaging solutions. The Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies offer a wide variety of filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and complete packaging systems.

What kind of magazine is Promag Taurus 709 Slim?

ProMag Taurus 709 SLIM 9MM 10-Round Magazine Brand: ProMag Magazines UPC: 708279012754 Caliber: 9mm Luger Capacity: 10-Round Material: Steel

What kind of machine does accutek labelette use?

The Accutek Mini Monoblock Systems are robust continuous rotary monoblock systems designed to simplify your bottling line by combining the bottle filler, tip/plug placer, and capper into a single space-saving machine. Accutek/Labelette offers label OEM marking and coding system.

Is the Taurus PT709 a good concealed carry pistol?

The innovative new Taurus “SLIM” PT709 packs serious firepower into a feature-packed subcompact pistol designed for maximum concealability and reliability—all at an amazing price. Features ProMag’s proprietary anti-fatigue springs for safe, long-term loaded storage (making them an ideal selection for concealed carry or home defense).