What size electric tongue jack do I need for my RV?

The rule of thumb for estimating a tongue weight is 10-15 percent of trailer weight. A 4,600 pound trailer would have a tongue weight between 460 and 690 pounds. Somewhere between a 1,000 to 2,000 pound capacity jack would be fine. Having a jack that is rated for more than the tongue weight is not a problem.

What is a good electric tongue jack?

Our top pick for the best electric tongue jack is the Lippert Power Tongue Jack. It’s durable and uses less power to get the job done. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with high lifting capacity, consider the LIBRA Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack.

Are tongue jacks universal?

Helpful Expert Reply: Yes, about 99 percent of A-frame jacks use the same mounting pattern. The holes are generally 3 inches apart on center though it can vary ever so slightly which is why some jacks have slotted holes.

How do you size a tongue jack?

The required weight capacity of tongue jack is determined by calculating the tongue weight of your trailer. The rule of thumb for a boat trailer is 7-10% of the weight of your fully loaded trailer. If you have a 6000lb loaded trailer, using 10% as an example, you would require a tongue jack with a capacity of 600lbs.

How do I choose an electric tongue jack?

In general a properly loaded trailer’s TW will be about 15-percent of its gross weight. You’ll want to select a jack based on the trailer’s heaviest weight condition, in other words when it is fully loaded. This will let you select a powered tongue jack with enough capacity and enough safety margin.

How do you select an electric tongue jack?

How do I choose a tongue jack?

How do you calculate tongue weight?

Position a pipe vertically under the trailer tongue, and lower the trailer jack until the coupler is fully resting on the pipe. Read the scale and multiple by 3. Take an initial reading from the scale bathroom scale, and multiple it by 3. This is the tongue weight.

What is the best electric trailer jack?

It is of vital importance that you keep all the important points in mind when picking a jack so that you can get the best electric trailer jack. For us, Husky 82084 Super Brute Electric Jack is the top choice because it can handle a load of 4000 pounds, however, it’s a bit pricey.

What is a power tongue Jack?

Most tongue jacks are of the manual type, meaning you must use a hand crank to operate it. The power tongue jack mod not only makes hand cranking a thing of the past but can be very useful when connecting and disconnecting your weight distributing spring bars.

What is Electric Jack?

Electric jacks come in several different styles, including: Bottle Jack – A bottle jack is a jack that resembles a milk bottle, hence the imaginative name. This type of jack is used to raise and lower vehicles in the automotive industry, for stretcher lifts, cable slicers, and in warehouses.

What is a tongue Jack?

A trailer jack, also known as a trailer tongue jack, is used to raise and lower a boat, camper, or utility trailer for attachment to, and removal from, a bumper hitch. Once the trailer is secured, the foot is raised to a safe traveling height and locked into place with a pin or brake.