Where are the service badges worn in the Navy?

The Presidential and Vice Presidential Service badges are worn on the right side at a level corresponding to badges worn on the left side on dress uniforms, and center of the right pocket on other uniforms.

How to send patches to Navy nuclear weapons Association?

Send in your patches (.jpg format preferred) to the webmaster. Click on many of the patches/badges/placques for larger view. Shore Commands (Didn’t travel well!!) Primarily Civilian Organizations & Weapons Systems Patches Coffee Cups Lighters Copyright 2000-2021.

Is the Navy nuclear weapons Association a trademark?

Primarily Civilian Organizations & Weapons Systems Patches Coffee Cups Lighters Copyright 2000-2021. The term “Keepers of the Dragon” and the logo (seal) depicted herein are the exclusive copyrights and trademarks of the Navy Nuclear Weapons Association and may not be used without its prior written permission.

How big is a United States military badge?

Regular badge, approximately 2-1/4 inches by 2 inches, consists of an oval silver metal wreath of laurel with the United States shield, (the Chief in blue enamel and the 13 stripes alter­nating white and red enamel) on four gold metal un­sheathed swords.

Can a Senior Enlisted Leader wear more than one badge?

1. Provisions for Wear Only one identification badge may be worn at a time, except the post-tour Navy Command Senior Enlisted Leader Badge (see article 5101.3.e. ). If you qualify for more than one badge, wear the badge representing your present assignment, otherwise, wear the badge you prefer. Attach badges directly to the uniform.

Who are the football coaches at Naval Academy?

Associate Director of Athletics – Football Strength, Conditioning and Sports Performance Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach (Football) / Sports Science Coordinator

Where do you place your badge on your uniform?

Wear on the right side. The badge may be worn on all uniforms other than working uniforms. This badge may be worn during and after the period of detail. – On pockets with flaps, center the badge between the lower point of the flap and bottom of the pocket, midway between the sides. – On pockets without flaps, center the badge on the pocket.