Where are the towns on the Trondheim Fjord?

The towns of Stjørdalshalsen, Levanger, and Steinkjer are found on the eastern and northeastern shores of the fjord. Aker Verdal in Verdal produces large offshore installations for the petroleum sector. A yard in Indre Fosen completed the luxurious apartment ship MS The World.

Is there a direct bus from Bergen to Trondheim?

The cheapest way to get from Bergen to Trondheim is to bus which costs kr 800 – kr 1100 and takes 14h 12m. What is the fastest way to get from Bergen to Trondheim? The quickest way to get from Bergen to Trondheim is to fly which costs kr 600 – kr 2600 and takes 3h 55m. Is there a direct bus between Bergen and Trondheim?

Which is the third longest fjord in Norway?

Trondheim, Stjørdalshalsen, Levanger, Steinkjer. The Trondheim Fjord or Trondheimsfjorden (pronounced [²trɔnːhæɪmsˌfjuːɳ̍]), an inlet of the Norwegian Sea, is Norway’s third-longest fjord at 130 kilometres (81 mi) long.

How big of a city is Trondheim, Norway?

Trondheim, historically Kaupangen, Nidaros and Trondhjem, is a city and municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. It has a population of 187,353 (January 1, 2016), and is the third most populous municipality in Norway, although the fourth largest urban area.

Is the Trondheim fjord ice free in the winter?

The main part of the Trondheimsfjord is ice -free all year; only Verrasundet, a long and narrow fjord branch in the northern part of the fjord, might be ice covered in winter. The Beitstadfjorden might also freeze over in winter, but only for a few weeks.

Is there a paper mill in the Trondheim Fjord?

Fiborgtangen is a peninsula along the eastern shore of the fjord where a large paper mill owned by Norske Skog is located. The Trondheimsfjord has rich marine life, with both southern and northern species; at least 90 species of fish have been observed, and the fjord has the largest biological production among Norway’s fjords.

Why was the Trondheim Fjord important to the Vikings?

The Trondheimsfjord was an important waterway in the Viking Age, as it is still today. In 1888, an undersea mudslide caused a tsunami that killed one person in Trondheim and ruptured three railway lines. Four giant squid have been found in the fjord, which is among the highest concentrations in the world.