Where do I get my second reading speech Qld?

Finding second reading speeches – Queensland

  1. Find a Second Reading Speech, browsing in Hansard (Available from 1860 onwards) Use a Bill’s introduction date to navigate Hansard and locate the commencement of a second reading speech.
  2. Find the resumption of a Second Reading Speech, via Indexes to Debates.

What is a second reading speech Australia?

The second reading speech is when the Minister introduces a Bill to the house and explains its general principles and purpose. Generally, a link to the second reading speech (in Hansard) is provided with the explanatory memoranda, and other information about the Bill.

What happens in the second reading of a bill Australia?

In the House of Representatives a bill goes through the following stages: 1st reading—the bill is introduced to the House of Representatives. 2nd reading—members debate and vote on the main idea of the bill. Consideration in detail (optional stage)—members discuss the bill in detail, including any changes to the bill.

What does the second reading of a bill involve?

Second Reading Debate – During the second reading debate, members express their opinions about the principles of the bill. At the conclusion of the debate, a vote is taken on the question “that this bill be now read a second time” . If the House disagrees, then the bill is defeated.

What is second reading speech?

The Second Reading Speech is part of Hansard where the Minister introducing the bill to parliament explains its general principles and purpose. Bills are usually introduced into the Lower House of Parliament, and this is where the most useful second reading speeches are recorded.

Do regulations have sections or clauses?

An Act will always contain sections; A regulation will always contain Regulations or Rules; Section 1 usually states the short title of the Act or Regulation/Rules; Sections (regulations) may be further divided into sub-sections (sub-regulations) and paragraphs.

What is the purpose of a second reading speech?

How do you find a second reading speech?

Find the bill (1997+) in the bills list. Click on the name of the bill you need. If available, click on the second reading speeches. If it’s not available, check the date of the second reading speech, listed under Progress.

How does a bill become law in Australia?

A bill becomes an Act—a law—only after it has been passed in identical form by both Houses of the Parliament and has been assented to by the Governor-General. Draft bills are usually examined by government party committees on which Members of Parliament belonging to the governing party or parties serve.

How are laws enforced in Australia?

Law enforcement in Australia is one of the three major components of the country’s justice system, along with courts and corrections. Federally, the main law enforcement agency is the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which has a wide mandate to enforce Australian criminal law and protect its national interests.

How do you cite a second reading speech?

1. Second Reading Speeches are sections of Parliamentary Debates and should be cited in the same way as Parliamentary Debates. If it is relevant, the position of the speaker may be included after their name, preceded by a comma. Do not include designations like ‘MP’ or ‘Senator’ with the Speaker’s name.

Where can I find the second reading speech in Western Australia?

Alternatively, the Second Reading Speech for a Western Australian Bill is available in the Bills section of the Parliament of Western Australia website. Search for the Bill by title. To include Bills that are now Acts, select the checkbox “all Bills”. Alternatively, browse to the Bill by title

How to find second reading speeches in Parliament?

First Reading speeches are denoted by 1R and Second Reading speeches by 2R. Use the page numbers to find the required volume that contains the Second Reading speech in the Parliamentary Debates. [Please note: There are multiple volumes of Parliamentary Debates each year. The page number allows you to locate the corresponding volume.]

What are the Hansard and second reading speeches?

Hansard and Second Reading Speeches. Hansard is the name given to transcripts of parliamentary proceedings. It is the official record of Parliamentary Debates. Hansard also provides a record of the progress of a bill through both Houses of Parliament and records the debates on the bill.

What do you need to know about second reading speeches?

1 Second Reading Speeches are sections of parliamentary debates 2 Parliamentary debates are recorded in Hansard 3 Include the position of the speaker within a ministry or shadow ministry if relevant