Where is Tassal salmon farm?

The smolt are majority reared at the company’s state-of-the-art land-based Rookwood Road Nursery in Ranelagh, Tasmania, with a much smaller number reared at our flow through hatchery at Russell Falls. After eight to 12 months the smolt are transferred to sea.

Who owns tassal seafood?

In 2015 CEO Mark Ryan was awarded the Banksia Foundation Richard Pratt CEO award for contributions to sustainability nationally. In 2015 Tassal received the Coles “Sustainable and Ethical Excellence” award.

Is tassal salmon Australian?

Tassal is Australia’s leading seafood producer and for 30 years we have been proudly farming delicious, fresh and nutritious Atlantic Salmon straight from the cool waters of Tasmania. Tassal has a range of high-quality delicious salmon products that will meet your needs.

Where does tassal salmon come from?

Our Home is Tasmania, a beautiful island with cool waters and a rich maritime history where our ambition to produce healthy, fresh Atlantic salmon began more than 35 years ago.

What’s wrong with farm-raised fish?

Mercury poisoning has been linked to a number of health problems, including Alzheimer’s. In addition, the high level of Omega-6 fatty acids in farmed salmon and farmed tilapia could contribute to inflammatory diseases, arthritis, and even cancer.

How many employees does tassal have?

Tassal Group is the largest vertically integrated salmon and prawn grower, and seafood processor in Australia, employing more than 1700 people across the country.

Where is Salamanca seafood company?

Salamanca is our head office location – and is part of our roots in Tasmania.

Is Tasmanian salmon safe to eat?

TO EAT AND SUSTAINABLE Tasmanian salmon is one of only 14 known ‘superfoods’, because of its nutrient profile and health- protecting qualities, making it a great way to fuel your body. Salmon contains large amounts of omega- 3 fatty acids, is low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein.

Is tassal salmon ready to eat?

Tassal Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon 150g Natural Hot smoked portions are then vacuum sealed for freshness and convenience. Ready for everyday eating or a special occasion. Our delicious Hot Smoked Salmon can be enjoyed just on its own or flaked on top as a perfect addition to a pasta, salad, pizza, platter or rice dish.

Is it bad to eat farmed fish?

Are there fish farms on the west coast of Tasmania?

Fish farms in Tasmania are hurting the ecosystem. Macquarie Harbour – on Tasmania’s West Coast – has a small opening to the ocean called Hell’s Gates. This harbour is used by the three biggest Australian salmon retailers – Tassal, Huon and Petuna – to intensively farm salmon.

Where does the salmon in Tassal come from?

The delicious Tassal salmon that you eat is Tasmanian grown Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar. The original bloodlines of the Salmo salar were imported from Nova Scotia in Canada during the 1960s. The first fertilised Atlantic Salmon eggs were purchased from the Gaden hatchery in NSW in 1984, so beginning Tasmania’s Salmon farming industry.

Where are the Tassal farms in Tasmania located?

A short drive south of Hobart, Tassal’s farming operations have been successfully operating for close to 30 years. This region covers Margate to Tinderbox, North Bruny Island, Partridge Island and past Dover in the far south.

Where was the first salmon farm in Tasmania?

The first fertilised Atlantic Salmon eggs were purchased from the Gaden hatchery in NSW in 1984, so beginning Tasmania’s Salmon farming industry. A sea farm was established in Dover, approximately 130 kilometres south of Hobart and a hatchery was developed at Wayatinah in the Central Highlands.