Which Archie comic books are valuable?

15 Valuable Archie Comics That’ll Have You Searching Your Attic For Your Old Collection

  • Pep Comics #22 (1941) Comic Vine.
  • Jackpot Comics #4 (1942) Comic Vine.
  • Pep Comics #26 (1942) Comic Vine.
  • Pep Comics #36 (1940)
  • Archie Comics #1 (1942)
  • Early Archie issues.
  • Pep Comics #41 (1943)
  • Archie’s Girls, Betty & Veronica #1 (1950)

Does Riverdale have anything to do with the Archie comics?

‘Riverdale’ Is Shockingly Similar to the Classic Archie Comics Source Material. The Archie Comics series has been in circulation since the 1940s. Riverdale is the live-action show based on the characters that audiences around the world have come to know and adore.

Is Archie comics worth reading?

And yet, I have to say, these are damn good comics. They’re fun, they’re a good read, and they’re very self-aware. The writing is solid, the art is great, and just like Archie: The Married Life, the comic works because it’s a good character study.

Are Archie Comics collectible?

Easily the most iconic character in American humor comics! Earlier issues of young Mr. Andrews’ exploits have become very collectible and valuable! Scour your back issues and see if you may own any of the issues included in our free price guide!

Do they still make Archie comic books?

While its flagship title Archie remains on hiatus, it has already made plans to resume the publication of new Archie Comics through the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Do Archie and Betty end up together?

Yes. Betty and Archie have officially had sex with each other. Riverdale season 5, episode 5 sees the core four reunite for the first time since the time jump.

Where should I start with Archie Comics?

These are the original comics and by far when someone says Archie Comics these are the ones that come to mind, making them the most recognisable….Comics Included In Traditional Archie

  • Archie.
  • Jughead.
  • Archie and Friends.
  • Betty and Veronica.
  • Betty.
  • Veronica.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Archie’s Funhouse.

Who owns Archie Comics?

Jon Goldwater
Archie Comics is now run by Jon Goldwater, whose late father, John L. Goldwater, founded the comic in 1939. 36.

How many books are in the Archie comics?

Archie (comic book)

Format Ongoing series
Publication date (vol. 1) Winter 1942 – June 2015 (vol. 2) July 2015 – September 2018 (vol. 1 cont.) October 2018 – present (as of October 2018 cover date)
No. of issues (vol. 1): 666 (#1–666) (vol. 2): 32 (#1 – 32) (vol. 1 cont.): 1 (#1) (as of October 2018 cover date)

What are Archie Comics characters names?

Archie Comics is known for its many series featuring the fictional teenagers Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones. The characters were created by publisher/editor John L. Goldwater, written by Vic Bloom and drawn by Bob Montana .

Who were the original Archie characters?

Its most famous and popular title is “Archie”. This comic book is about a teenage boy named Archie Andrews and his friends: Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle, Sabrina Spellman, and Jughead Jones. Every character in this comic book is fictional, and they were created by Bob Montana .

Who is Betty in Archie?

Betty Cooper. Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper is one of the main characters appearing in American comic books published by Archie Comics. She is the lead guitarist, percussionist and one of the three singers of The Archies.

Who is Veronica in Archie Comics?

Veronica Lodge Veronica Lodge is a main character in the Archie Comics where she is the love interest of Archie but desired by his rival, Reggie. Short summary describing this character.