Who are the latest posters for IMDb movies?

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How many movie posters are there on cinematerial?

CineMaterial is a digital community that aims to create a complete digital archive of movie posters, covers, logo’s, key art and more. So far, we have collected over one million images.

Who are the actors in the movie Poshter Girl?

Anand Ingale and Vaibhav Mangale. Poshter Girl takes you on a mad roller coaster ride of a quaint, little village in Maharashtra – Tekawde, which is ill-famous for female infanticide and as a result there are no girls left within the village.

Are there any movie posters that are collectible?

Motion Picture Arts Gallery’s collectible movie poster inventory includes an array of Rare Posters, Vintage film posters, Contemporary movie posters, original collectible movie posters from posters for Horror movies, to Foreign film and Film Noir movies. Our movie poster gallery buys and sells only original and authentic movie posters

Which is the best Star Wars movie poster?

Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope is one of the best movie posters available today because it represents one of the most iconic movies of the 20th century, features the ensemble cast of characters, and gives a little bit of background on the movie as well.

Which is the best poster for Back to the Future?

The Back to the Future movie poster is a celebration of the classic sci-fi adventure film. It’s vibrant, tells the movie’s story in a snapshot, and is perfect for nerds of all ages. This poster is only $12.99, making it a great purchase for those who are looking to spruce up a room without burning a hole in their pocket.