Who are the male actors in Emmerdale?

Who is in the cast of Emmerdale 2021? Meet this year’s full line-up

  • Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller)
  • Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell)
  • Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb)
  • Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley)
  • Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson)
  • Paul (Reece Dinsdale)
  • Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton)
  • Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell)

What happened to the original Emmerdale cast?

Of the original cast seen in the first episode in 1972, only Frazer Hines, Frederick Pyne, Jo Kendall and Gail Harrison are still alive and of those, only Frazer Hines’s character (Joe Sugden) and Jo Kendall’s character (Peggy Skilbeck) have been killed off in the show.

Who is the longest running character in Emmerdale?

Annie Sugden
Annie Sugden, the longest running character.

Who plays Sarah in Emmerdale 2020?

Katie Hill
A spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: “Due to the nature of the storyline the character of Sarah Sudden has been recast for an older actress. The role will now be played by Katie Hill.”

Is Edna from Emmerdale still alive?

Stelfox died on 7 December 2015 aged 74 following a short battle with cancer. At the time of her death, she had appeared in the soap for fifteen years. The character’s final scenes aired prior to her death.

Who plays Reynolds in Emmerdale?

Anthony Lewis

Marc Reynolds
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Anthony Lewis
Duration 1999–2002, 2007
First appearance 17 June 1999

Who has been in the most episodes of Emmerdale?

Marlon Dingle
Top 100 appearances

# Character Number of appearances
1 Marlon Dingle 3229
2 Eric Pollard 3073
3 Diane Sugden 2825
4 Zak Dingle 2744

Who is the oldest soap star?

As of 2021, William Roache holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-serving actor in a television soap opera, having played Ken Barlow on Coronation Street since 1960….Current longest-serving soap opera actors worldwide.

Rank 1
Actor Patricia Greene
Character Jill Archer
Soap Opera The Archers
Years 1957–

Is Bernice’s hair a wig?

Emmerdale star Samantha Giles has revealed that her character Bernice Blackstock’s wig is no more. Samantha has been wearing a wig since her return to the soap as Bernice, after Covid restrictions prevented her from getting her hair styled on set. “I still have to do my own make-up, but at least I get my hair done.

Does Diane off Emmerdale wear a wig?

During an interview on This Morning in November 2016 she swapped the blonde wig for her natural grey hair.

What is Debbie Dingle’s daughter called?

Sarah Sugden
Debbie Dingle/Daughters

Sarah Sugden is the daughter of Andy Sugden and Debbie Dingle and the older sister of Jack Sugden. She is named after Andy’s late adoptive mother.

Who are the actors that play in Emmerdale?

A list of some of the actors who play current characters featured in the show, also featuring Andrew Scarborough and Jonathan Wrather who have left. A list of all characters who are currently part of the regular cast of Emmerdale and the actors who play them, listed in order of the character’s first appearance in the show.

When does the next season of Emmerdale start 2019?

Struggling with his grief, in September 2019, he left the village to spend time with his daughter Debbie in Scotland. But he delighted fans by returning in March 2020. Previously Moira Barton, she arrived alongside husband John and kids Adam, Holly and Hannah in 2009 to run the family farm.

Who are the longest running characters in Emmerdale?

The pipe-smoking character was part of the Emmerdale village residents for nearly 20 years and is the sixteenth longest-running character on the show. Amos and Henry ran The Woolpack together up until 1991, but that same year they ended up both leaving the Emmerdale village.

When did Clive Hornby leave the cast of Emmerdale?

Having been away from his family for eight years, his return was met with a frosty reception, but his mother said he could stay if he helped at the farm. Burt left Emmerdale in 1974 when his character had left for Italy. When his character returned in 1980, Burt did not return and handed over the role to Clive Hornby.