Why did Kihyun leave Monsta X?

Sadly, Monsta X’s Wonho is the latest K-Pop idol to announce his departure from his band. On Oct. The news follows the onslaught of malicious comments and rumors surrounding Wonho, which prompted him to depart Monsta X so his fellow members — Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M — can focus on music.

Is Kihyun the leader of Monsta X?

The Kpop group Monsta X composed of seven survivors of the show such as Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Jooheon, Kihyun, I.M, and with Shownu as the leader.

Who is the most handsome in Monsta X 2020?

Who is most Handsome in Monsta X Members

  • Minhyuk. 23.8%
  • Wonho. 47.6%
  • Shownu. 9.5%
  • Kihyun. 9.5%
  • Hyungwon. 9.6%

What is the most popular ship in Monsta X?

JooKyun (Jooheon × I.M) 18%, 4960 votes.

  • HyungWonho (Wonho × Hyungwon) 16%, 4288 votes.
  • ShowKi (Shownu × Kihyun) 12%, 3329 votes.
  • ChangKi (Kihyun × I.M) 7%, 1853 votes.
  • KiHyuk (Minhyuk × Kihyun) 6%, 1766 votes.
  • JooHyuk (Minhyuk × Jooheon) 6%, 1714 votes.
  • HyungKyun (Hyungwon × I.M) 5%, 1459 votes.
  • Who is BTS visual?

    The World Wide Handsome guy of BTS Jin has proved his remarkable visuals once again. Recently Music Mundial took to Twitter to announce Jin as the Visual of the Year based on fan voting that they had conducted.

    What are the txt ships?

    What’s your favorite TXT ship? ( You can choose up to 2)

    • YeonBin (Yeonjun × Soobin)
    • YeonGyu (Yeonjun × Beomgyu)
    • SooKai (Soobin × Huening Kai)
    • TaeNing (Taehyun × Huening Kai)
    • TaeGyu (Beomgyu × Taehyun)
    • SooGyu (Soobin × Beomgyu)
    • Other (comment below)

    What is IM and Jooheon ship name?

    · I.M (Changkyun): changnu. · Jooheon: showheon. · Kihyun: Showki. · Minhyuk: Showhyuk.

    Is Jungkook an official visual?

    While JK surely is a visual, and is sometimes more promoted than the visual himself, he’s not the visual of the group because Jin is just stunning. It all comes down to a preference, but at the end of the day Jungkook isn’t considered the visual of the group because he’s literally not Kim Seokjin.

    Which ship is famous in txt?

    Yeonbin is the ship name Yeonjun and Soobin that consists of (Yeon)jun and Soo(bin).

    What is the most famous ship in TXT?

    1. Yeonbin. This is an obvious start, as it’s the most popular ship.

    Why is Jungkook not visual?

    What was the scandal with Monsta X Wonho?

    In addition to Wonho’s scandal, his accusers also dragged fellow Monsta X member Shownu into the mess by alleging that he had an affair with a married woman. Wonho, thankfully, was cleared of all drug charges in March. He would also clear up all the other allegations via an apology issued through an interview with Dispatch.

    Who is Bona from Monsta X dating now?

    Monsta X’s Kihyun has allegedly been dating label-mate and WJSN (also called ‘Cosmic Girls) member Bona for five years, a claim their agency Starship Entertainment denies.

    How long have Bona and Kihyun been together?

    The news initially broke after Sports Chosun reported on April 21 that the two artists have been together for a long time, with additional rumors claiming the two had been on a trip together. Their agency denied all these allegations, stating “Kihyun and Bona are just a senior and junior of the same agency.