Why was Pyramiden Svalbard abandoned?

In 1998, Pyramiden was abandoned. The reasons lay in the bad general economical situation of Russia in the 1990s, lack of political support, shrinking coal reserves and finally the catastrophic airplane crash at Operafjellet in 1996, where 141 Russians on the way to Barentsburg lost their lives.

Why is Barentsburg Russian?

Barentsburg is named after Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, who discovered Svalbard in 1596. The name was given by the Dutch who operated the mines after they bought the site from Russia in 1920.

How do I get to Barentsburg?

To get to Barentsburg, you first have to get to Svalbard. There are weekly flights from Oslo and Tromso during the winter and during the summer there are sometimes 2-3 flights per week. The flight is pretty short, around 3 hours from Olso and a lot shorter from Tromso, and will have you landing in Longyearbyen.

Who lives on Svalbard?

Although Svalbard belongs to the Kingdom of Norway, two settlements in the archipelago are mostly populated by Russians and Ukrainians. Around 450 people live in the modern mining community of Barentsburg, while fewer than 10 live in the Soviet ghost town of Pyramiden.

What’s the northernmost city in the world?

Isolated on the polar archipelago of Svalbard at 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost permanent settlement. Halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, the 2,300 residents here are used to extremes.

Does anyone live on Svalbard?

An expedition to Spitsbergen, which is the only inhabited island within the Svalbard archipelago, will not reveal an overly crowded island. In fact, there are only 2,642 people living in Spitsbergen, and 2,040 of them are in Longyearbyen.

Is Barentsburg part of Russia?

Barentsburg (Russian: Баренцбург) is the second-largest settlement in Svalbard, Norway with about 455 inhabitants (2020). The settlement is almost entirely made up of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians….

Coordinates: 78°04′0″N 14°13′0″E
Sovereign state Norway
Syssel Svalbard
Island Spitsbergen

Can you visit pyramiden?

You can visit Barentsburg and Pyramiden by boat in summer or snowmobile in winter. These trips feature guided tours of the settlements and it’s possible to enter some of the buildings. Both places have hotels where it’s possible to eat a meal and stay overnight.

Where are the Russian border towns in Norway?

Tromsø boasts an old centre and a university; famous hotels, bars and cafes are to be found on either side of the fjord, with a range of comfortable low-rise housing on the island itself. In the border town of Kirkenes, every tenth inhabitant is Russian.

Is there a Russian ghost town in Norway?

This is a Soviet ghost town on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago that once was inhabited by Russian and Ukrainian coal miners and their families. Although not stated publicly, Kremlin’s main idea with the settlement was not primarily to get coal.

Where do Norwegians go when they go to Russia?

Norwegians themselves rarely venture further than the border towns, usually Zapolyarny. They go to Russia to stock up on petrol (their own costs over 100 roubles a litre) and to Finland for alcohol and cigarettes. “I just don’t get it,” says another Murmansk woman. “You’re on your way to Finnmark and it’s all empty here in Russia.

Are there any Russian people in Kirkenes Norway?

In the border town of Kirkenes, every tenth inhabitant is Russian. Across the county as a whole, or at least in its eastern, Russia-adjoining reaches, signage and notices are written not only in Norwegian and Sami but also in Russian. In Kirkenes even the street signs are in Russian.