Are DeWalt 18V and 20V batteries the same?

In the most simplistic terms, Dewalt 20V Max = 18V. These aren’t 20V battery packs, they’re 18V battery packs. If you didn’t already know this, don’t worry, it’s not just you. 4-1/2 years later, lots of people still assume 20V Max is more powerful than 18V.

Are 18V and 20V batteries the same?

Let me say it again: 18V batteries and 20V Max batteries are exactly the same voltage. Still, the guts of each battery cell do vary from brand to brand and even within a single brand as technology and chemistry improve.

Can I use DeWalt 20V battery in 18V tool?

DeWalt has announced a new 20V MAX Battery Adapter that will work with most DeWalt 18V tools, which is set to release October 2015 (December update: the adapter is now scheduled to be released in January 2016). Current 20V batteries are available in the 1.3Ah, 1.5Ah, 2.0Ah XR, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah XR, and 5.0Ah XR varieties.

What is the difference between DeWalt 20V batteries?

the main difference is the 20v XR tools have brushless motors while the standard 20v max tools have brushed motors. the brushless motors are more energy efficient and generate less heat, the advantage being extended run time / battery life.

Are DeWalt Max and XR batteries interchangeable?

The XR line of batteries according to DeWalt last 33% longer than the 20v “max” line of batteries of the same size. XR tools and XR batteries are two totally different things. XR tools and batteries are the top of the line and are interchangeable with the “max” line of tools and batteries.

Are DeWalt batteries compatible with all DeWalt products?

Yes, DEWALT batteries will work in all DEWALT tools of the correct voltage whether the tool is brushed or brushless. Brushless refers to the construction of the motor. Brushless tools will use the batteries more efficiently and therefore last longer per charger, however, than brushed tools.

What is the longest lasting DeWalt 20V battery?

DCB208 20V MAX* XR® 8Ah Battery The DCB208 20V MAX 8Ah XR lithium ion battery provides the highest capacity within the DEWALT 20V MAX* XR lineup. Using state-of-the-art lithium ion technology, the DCB208 delivers up to one-third more run time while maintaining the same size and weight as the DCB206 6Ah battery.

What’s the difference between DeWalt 20V Max and XR?

DeWalt Batteries: The XR is an updated, higher efficiency battery. XR on the tool refers to the motors being brushless which are more efficient and that equals better battery life. The XR line of batteries according to DeWalt last 33% longer than the 20v “max” line of batteries of the same size.

How long does the DeWalt 20V battery take to charge?

The DEWALT DCB115 12V MAX* 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery Charger is able to charge all DEWALT (R) 12V 20V MAX* Li Ion Batteries. This unit charges the battery in 90 minutes (DCB205) or less thus minimizing downtime when you have work to get done. It has a yellow LED which illuminates for hot/cold pack delay.

Are all DeWalt batteries interchangeable?

The interchangeable DeWalt battery. Because a DeWalt battery is interchangeable, you never have to worry about being caught without a fresh battery. Each DeWalt cordless tool comes with two batteries, and with the rapid three stage charging system you should always have a battery on hand that is ready to go.

What are DeWalt atomic tools?

The new Dewalt ATOMIC Compact Series tools are said to combine performance and durability in a compact format. They are said to be optimized for tight spaces, overhead work, and for long periods of use. For general contractors, remodelers, electricians, mechanical and HVAC tradespeople,…