Are PJ dump trailers any good?

PJ trailers are by far the best trailers I have ever owned. Great trailers! I’ve had my LY for a little over 2 years now and it can handle everything I’ve thrown at it. I haul heavy equipment with it and I’ve never had a problem.

What axles do PJ Trailers use?

PJ Trailers only uses the top quality axle assemblies. You will find idler axles, electric brake axles, and electric over hydraulic disc brake axles. PJ Trailers uses the following brands: Dexter Axles, Rockwell American Axles, Quality Running Gear Axles, and Alko Axles.

Is load trail a good trailer?

This is a very well built trailer, I did a lot of looking at others and this trailer beat them all. The trailer also pulls very nice with a load.

What are the components of a trailer axle?

straight trailer axle assembly includes axle tube with spindles, castle nuts and cotter pins, flanges for mounting drum or disc brakes (not included), cast iron 5 on 4½” hubs with bearings, seals, grease caps and lug nuts, double eye leaf springs with U-bolts, nuts and tie plates.

Are PJ trailers powder coated?

Features. We now offer White Powder Coat on all PJ models at all plants.

Can a half ton pull a skid steer?

“Half-ton pickups have a 5,000-pound towing capacity, period,” he says. Ditto for skid steers with more than 1,250-pounds-and-over standard operating load.

What kind of parts are in PJ Trailers?

PJ Trailers parts store offers axle assemblies and components, brake assemblies, hardware, suspensions, tires & wheels, jacks, towing accessories, and more. PJ Trailers only uses the best components and can be sourced from one of our 300 plus dealers across the US.

How big is the largest PJ trailer in MN?

Schedule A Service Today! Sparks 6X12′ Enclosed Trailer WE DELIVER!! Sparks 6X12′ V-Nose WE DELIVER!!!

How big is a PJ ready Rail Trailer?

Customizable to fit your needs, including PJ Ready Rail® with many accessories. From the 8’ single axle to the 22’ tandem, with premium materials and components for years of quality service. Easy loading and unloading, with hydraulic cylinders and various configurations, including single axles, goosenecks, powered tilts, triple axles, and more.

Where is central trailer sales in East Bethel MN?

Central Trailer Sales is your Minneapolis Trailer Dealer located in East Bethel, MN. Central Trailer Sales is locally owned and operated and has served the twin cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area, along with outstate Minnesota and Western Wisconsin since we opened in 2004.