Can Natsu eat lava?

Lava is melted rocks. Natsu eats fire. Lava won’t affect him, but he can’t eat it. He’s eaten melted metal before, lava is a possibility.

What episode does Natsu eat lightning?

Realm of the Abyss
Realm of the Abyss is the 119th episode of the Fairy Tail anime.

Can Natsu eat Etherion?

Trivia. Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer (who can restore his energy by eating his specific Element), was able to eat Etherion and enter the ultimate state a Dragon Slayer can attain: Dragon Force; even though Etherion is fused with elements aside from fire.

Can Natsu eat the sun?

Who can stop him? Natsu manages to absorb all the energy of the sun and can now channel it through his body, his opponents are the only people who care that deaths sun is gone.

Who is the real father of Natsu?

Natsu Dragneel
Species Human/Etherious
Notable relatives Zeref Dragneel (brother) Igneel (adoptive father)
Guild Fairy Tail
Magic Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Can Natsu still use God flames?

Even with the absence of Igneel’s power, Natsu can still utilize this mode using his own power as a substitute, though it is nowhere near as powerful as before. While being empowered by a Fire Dragon God-induced Dragon Force, Natsu is able to use this spell and overpower Mercphobia’s Dragon Roar.

Why does Natsu keep his Lightning powers?

When Natsu consumed Laxus’s lightning, my guess is that the power infused with his body and sort became a dormant part of him. Now, he can access and unlock this power at will because its a part of him. This also applies to Zankro’s Fire God Slayer Magic and possibly Leo’s Dark Regulus, both of which he has consumed.

Who is stronger Natsu or Escanor?

So Escanor can’t burn him to death, and using Cruel Sun, which looks more like a small ball of fire than an actual Sun, would just give him strength. Not to mention, while Escanor is physically very powerful, Natsu is Continental Level, And can easily destroy mountains without any real help.

Is it possible for Natsu to eat his own flames?

Theoretically, this should mean that Natsu should be able to constantly create flames and eat them, never running out of energy. But very early in the series, it’s established that Natsu actually cannot eat his own flames.

Why does Natsu from Fairy Tail eat everything?

With that being said, it’s perhaps not all that strange that Natsu can eat anything. He was raised as a Dragon Slayer; and perhaps in some way, being raised like a dragon somehow grants a person the biological properties of a dragon. Sure.

What happens when a dragon slayer eats Lightning?

After eating lightning and having the flames and lightning inside their body fuse together, the user gains the ability to use their Dragon Slayer Magic enhanced with lightning. This ability combines the destructive abilities and properties of both elements, both burning and electrocuting the target.

Is it true that Natsu is part demon?

Adding on top of the fact that he’s part demon just means that not everyone may be able to understand how Natsu’s body works. However, if there’s one thing that still doesn’t make sense about his eating ability, it’s the fact that it makes him practically the Kirby of Shonen anime.