Can you use Woojer on PS4?

You can connect both wireless headphones and a Woojer Vest Edge to a PS4 simultaneously only if your wireless headphones have an additional output port on their Base Station (e.g.: Astro A50 headphones, Steelseries Wireless Pro).

Is Woojer worth the money?

definitely worth it. Just had some really fun time with the strap plugged into my XBOX. The feeling you can have while playing Halo or Battlefield is unbelievably realistic. I was literally shaking during direct attacks – gives you a new immersive experience even with a game you played 1000 times before.

How much does Woojer cost?

The Woojer Strap Edge is currently available for $180 (as of writing on sale for $130). There’s also something more immersive (and insane looking) available in the form of a tactical Vest for $500 (as of writing on sale for $350).

Does Woojer work with PS5?

You can connect both USB headphones and a Vest to a PS5 simultaneously only if your USB headphones have an additional output port (e.g.: Astro headphones).

How do I connect my Woojer strap to my ps5?

Connect one end of a digital audio cable to the S/PDIF (optical audio) port on the console. Connect the other end of the cable to a low-latency Bluetooth transmitter. Pair your Woojer Strap Edge with the Bluetooth transmitter.

How do you set up a Woojer vest?

Connecting Vest Edge to your PC via a USB-C Cable

  1. Press and hold the Woojer Vest Edge’s power button for 2 seconds until the Woojer Vest Edge turns on.
  2. Connect the Woojer Vest Edge to your PC using the provided USB-C cable.
  3. Connect your headphones to the Woojer Vest Edge’s headphone jack.
  4. Start playing your content.

Can I use Woojer without headphones?

Yes. You’ll just need to connect it through a 3.5mm audio / USB-C, or through a Bluetooth connection. No driver is required, no setup is needed. Will it work with VR headsets?

What does the Woojer do?

Woojer is a wearable mobile accessory designed to allow its wearer to feel what they’re listening to on their mobile device — via the medium of haptic feedback — rather than simply having banging tunes inserted into their earholes.

How do I set up Woojer?

Connecting the Woojer Strap Edge

  1. To enter pairing mode, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. The blue and red LEDs will blink alternately.
  2. On your audio device, enter pairing mode and locate Woojer Strap Edge.
  3. Pair and connect the Strap with your device. The blue LEDs will appear constantly.

How do I turn on my Woojer vest?

Turn on the Woojer Vest Edge by pressing the Power button for two seconds. Connect your headphones to the headphone jack. Turn on your audio source and enjoy the moment!

How do I get my Woojer to work?

Can I use a Bluetooth transmitter for PS4?

Bluetooth Dongle is an usb adapter that will connect to Bluetooth audio device when you plug into your PS4 USB slot. Therefore you can use your existing Bluetooth headset without having to buy a new expensive pair that work with the PS4….Specifications.

Video Game Platform PlayStation 4
Compatible Devices For PS4

What’s the code for the 30% discount at Woojer?

Woojer offers Extra 30% Off Clearance Coupons via coupon code “APRIL30”. Use this code at checkout. Discount automatically applied in cart. Only valid at Woojer.

How to raise your game with Woojer vest?

Raise your game. Woojer Vest transforms gaming into an out of body experience where the body count feels all too real. Put simply, Vest Edge provides a full skeletal realignment that chiropractors can only dream about. You’ll be taken to the edge of sanity and then thrown overboard. Raise your game.

Can you use Woojer as the default device?

Luckily enough you can set your headphones as the default device for better sound quality. Through mobile even though woojer is default device for sound it still sounds good. Just not VR.

Can you use Woojer headphones for virtual reality?

-If you’re buying this for VR only its not worth. it will damper your sound quality out of the vr headphones because you have to set the woojer as the default device and mirror sound to the headphones. Personally I do not want to sacrifice sound quality for vibrations on my body.