How do I tell how old my Kawai piano is?

For Kawai grand pianos, the serial number is found on the iron plate under the music desk on the right side of the piano (near the tuning pins). You may have to “slide out” the music desk to see it.

Where is the model number on a Kawai piano?

top right side
For Kawai upright pianos, the model name/number is located on the top right side of the iron plate (near the tuning pins). You can normally find it by lifting the piano lid.

Are Kawai pianos any good?

Kawai doesn’t make as many pianos as Yamaha, but you will still find Kawai products in many places. As far as quality is concerned most would agree that while there are some technical differences and some tonal differences, the two brands are regarded as high quality by professionals all around the world.

Is a Kawai piano a good brand?

Is Kawai piano a good brand?

Many of the reviews praise Kawai’s responsiveness and clear tone. Many reviewers comment on the exceptional amount of craftsmanship and engineering that goes into the Kawai brand. Overall, most people find the Kawai piano to be a great choice, particularly if you are looking for a warm, clear sound.

What are the names of the Kawai pianos?

Before 1990 Kawai made three series of grand pianos: GE, KG and GS. The GE/GM was the least expensive series and was called the Musicians Series. The KG Series was by far the most popular. The KG-1 was called the Baby Grand, the KG-2 was called the Living Grand, and the KG-3 was 6″0″ Professional Grand. The GS (Grand Supreme)…

What happens when a Kawai piano is discontinued?

When an older model is supplanted by newer technology, the discontinued model is reclassified as a “Kawai Legacy Product,” an instrument that is no longer in production but has made a significant contribution to our legacy as one of the world’s top musical instrument makers.

What kind of sound engine does Kawai use?

On Kawai instruments equipped with the latest SK-EX Rendering sound engine, this area can also be used to select the piano Rendering Type. * Type and variety of selectable piano sounds may vary depending on the digital piano model.

Who are Kawai America and Kawai Canada music?

This is the Kawai difference that you will hear and feel for years to come. Kawai America Corporation (established in 1963) and Kawai Canada Music offer a complete line of Kawai acoustic pianos, digital pianos, hybrid instruments and professional products to musicians across the United States and Canada through a network of authorized dealers.