How do you introduce an Antakshari?

The first singer has to sing two complete lines and then s/he may stop at the end of those or following lines. The last letter of the last word sung is then used by the next singer to sing another song, starting with that letter. The winner or winning team is decided by a process of elimination.

How can I play virtual Antakshari?

The rules are simple. Once the song is tweeted, the second person has to start with the last letter of the last word of the song. Here is a tweet thread to show you the example of how it’s done. If you may remember, ‘Twitter Antakshari’ is not a new phenomenon.

What means Antakshari?

Antakshari also known as Antyakshari (transl. The game of the ending letter) is a spoken parlor game played in India. Each contestant sings the first verse of a song (often Classical Hindustani or Bollywood songs) that begins with the Hindustani consonant on which the previous contestant’s song selection ended.

How many rounds does Antakshari have?

Each registration is equivalent to each family. Each family is equivalent to one team. Total time of the contest will be one and half hours. There will be four rounds of different modes.

How do you make an antakshari fun?

This is a fun activity that can also double as a team work exercise as well….GAMES:


How can I play antakshari with Google Assistant?

We did exactly that and ended up with Gaana Antakshari on Google Assistant. If you are reading this on your Android Phone, then just long-press your Home button, once Google Assistant comes to life, say “Ok Google, play Gaana Antakshari”, nuff said!

How do you conduct an antakshari on Zoom?

MODUS OPERANDI : The idea is simple : The designated singers will start the evening by singing a song each. The rest of us will then get assigned to two teams arbitrarily. We will get the AI to distribute us. The lead singer of team A will then start the antakshari by the end word/sound of the last song sung.

What does parlor game mean?

: a game suitable for playing indoors.

What are the two types of parlor games?

A parlour or parlor game is a group game played indoors using speech (from French Parler)….Examples of parlour games include:

  • Aesop’s Mission.
  • Are you there, Moriarty?
  • Blind man’s buff.
  • Carnelli.
  • Charades.
  • Consequences.
  • Fictionary.
  • Huckle buckle beanstalk.

What are the benefits of parlor games?

Indoor Games & Their Numerous Health Benefits

  • 1) Creates happiness, reduces stress.
  • 2) An opportunity to spend time together/ socialize.
  • 3) Memory formation and cognitive skills.
  • 4) Keeps the risks for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay.
  • 5) Lowers blood pressures.
  • 6) Improves immune system.

Is the game Antakshari played between any people?

It is actually a musical game played between any people. The ethnic form of this game was pretty simple but I have made some modifications in this very popular game to make your kitty party even more exciting.

What kind of music can you play in Antakshari?

Only songs from Hindustani classical music or Bollywood movies are allowed by default. Songs from other languages can be allowed with prior agreement. At least the first verse of the song must be sung. If the singer does not remember it in entirety, they cannot use the song. No song can be repeated in the game. It started as a family pastime.

Which is the first letter in Antakshri game?

Lets play antakshri !! First i will start off with a song and then the last letter of the song is the letter which the next person is going to start off with. Have fun and keep continuing with the game guyz !! Crazy kiya re…

What do you like to do at Antakshari party?

She loves three things immensely, 1. her family and friends, 2. singing and 3. Bollywood! So the three of us planned a Bollywood Antakshari party for her with all of her family and dear friends! It was an absolute blast! We and our guests had an amazing time singing and dancing the night away.