How long does it take DHL to deliver to Cameroon?

DHL is a tracked mail service so transit times are between 11-22 working days.

What does DHL insurance cover?

DHL Shipment Value Protection provides peace of mind and protection to DHL’s customers, in return for a charge. During transportation by DHL and in case of an incident, it covers the freight value & transportation cost against physical loss or damage from any external cause.

How much does it cost to send a package to Cameroon?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Cameroon

Weight not over (lbs.) Parcel Post Rate
1 $19.00
2 23.20
3 27.40
4 31.60

How long does it take for DHL to deliver from Germany to USA?

Usually a DHL parcel runs 10-12 days from border to border.

What is the maximum insurance for DHL?

This insurance covers up to $999.99 for USPS First Class Mail shipments, $1,000.00 for FedEx SmartPost, UPS Mail Innovations, and DHL Global Mail shipments, and $10,000.00 per package for other USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments. Maximum coverage per conveyance is $100,000.00.

Do you have to pay customs for DHL?

To ensure the DHL courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible time after entering your country or customs union, DHL pays the customs authority on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods. Once the duties and taxes are fully repaid to DHL the goods will be delivered to you.

Which is the largest hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon?

The largest hospital is the Central Hospital of Yaoundé ( Hôpital Central de Yaoundé) with 650 beds. Yaoundé General Hospital ( Hôpital Général de Yaoundé – HGY) had 302 beds when it was built in 1985.

Where are the government offices in Yaounde Cameroon?

The city centre houses government offices, some hotels, and the central market. The Bastos district, with most homes owned by Cameroonians, is home to foreign embassies and the expatriate European, American and other continental communities (drawn mainly from the diplomatic corps). The presidential palace and compound are in the Etoudi district.

What kind of economy does Yaounde Cameroon have?

Most of Yaoundé’s economy is centred on the administrative structure of the civil service and the diplomatic services. Owing to these high-profile central structures, Yaounde has a higher standard of living and security than the rest of Cameroon. Major industries in Yaoundé include tobacco, dairy products, beer, clay, glass goods and timber.

How long is the drive from Douala to Yaounde?

Travel time by road between Douala and Yaounde is approximately 3 hours. Traffic in the city can be heavy during weekdays, but is very light during the weekends. Yaoundé has made significant progress in infrastructure, especially road construction.