How many rivers are there in Karnataka?

seven river systems
There are seven river systems in Karnataka which with their tributaries, drain the state.

What are the seven rivers of Karnataka?

Karnataka is bestowed with seven critical river systems that are lifelines to the state—Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, North Pennar, South Pennar, Palar, and all the west flowing rivers. The Cauvery is the largest river in the state and originates from Talakaveri in Madikeri district.

Which district has 5 rivers in Karnataka?

The list includes five rivers from Karnataka : Gurupur, Kabini, Kali, Netravathi and Sharavati.

Which is longest river of Karnataka?

The Kaveri (or the Cauvery) is the largest river in the state and originates from the district of Coorg. It is often called the Dakshina Ganga (the Ganges of the South) and considered one of the sacred rivers of India.

Which is the smallest dam in Karnataka?

Malaprabha dam
The Malaprabha dam is the shortest dam in Karnataka. It was built across the Malaprabha river in Belgaum.

Which is biggest in Karnataka?

The largest city in Karnataka is Bengaluru. Total area of Karnataka is 1,91,791 km² including 1,85,776.57 km² rural area and 6,014.43 km² urban area. Karnataka has a population of 6,10,95,297 peoples….List of Districts in Karnataka.

# 1
District Bagalkot
Area (km²) 6,552
Population (2011) 18,89,752

Where are most of the rivers in Karnataka located?

Many rivers, both east-flowing and west-flowing, are found within the boundaries of Karnataka. Most of the rivers originate in the Western Ghats and runs towards the eastern side of the state. These are some of the largest rivers in the state and drain towards the Bay of Bengal.

Which is a tributary of the river Godavari in Karnataka?

The Manjra, a tributary of the river Godavari, originates in the Bala Ghat range in Karnataka. The North Pennar or the Uttara Pinakini and the South Pennar originate in Nandi hills of Kolar district. The Palar begins in Talagavara in Kolar district and runs through Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

How big is the Kaveri River in Karnataka?

Total Length: 483 Km. Size: 1,13,030 Sq Km. 2. Kaveri River River Source: Talakaveri in Kodagu, Karnataka. States Covered: Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. Districts Covered: Kodagu, Mysore, Mandya, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru, and Bengaluru. Sub-Tributaries: Harangi, Hemavati, Shimsha, Arkavati, Lakshmana Tirtha, Kabini, Bhavani,

Where does the river Sharavathi originate in Karnataka?

The Sharavathi originates at Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli Taluk, flows north-west through the Western Ghats. It forms the famous Jog Falls before joining the Arabian Sea at Honavara. The Mandavi originates in the Western Ghats in Belgaum and flows through Karnataka and Goa. The Kalinadi originates in Bidi village in the Western Ghats.